Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Ella's 9 Year Old Pictures!

Ella's pictures this year had to be postponed because of Snowmagedon and then again because she was sick. We didn't get them taken until almost a month after she turned 9. 

Ella is one of those girls that is very influenced by her friends in regards to what she plays with. She went through a very short phase of liking LOL Dolls. It was mainly just because of her friends, but now she doesn't play with them at all. She is still the girl that only needs paper, pens or a whiteboard and dry eraser markers to keep her entertained. 

It's crazy to think that my baby girl is going to be 10 years old at her next birthday!!!

Ella has definitely LOVED her jean jacket to death. She's so funny how she hates jeans, but loves this jacket. I knew that I had found a winner when I saw that it came with sweatshirt sleeves. There was no way she was going to wear this thing if it was all denim!