Monday, September 23, 2019

Last Hurrah Of Summer!

Since I bought season passes to Wild Waves my hope was to make it to the park at least 6 times during the summer. I knew that with vacation and the older boys going to camp it would be hard to go more than that. I felt like 6 times would definitely make it worth the cost. Really going twice more than paid for the season passes, but I wanted to really get our moneys worth. In the end we went 5 times, but we also did go last year with our passes to the Holiday with Lights at Christmas time so that counts as well! ;) 

The thing I was so surprised about was how many free tickets we got. We each got 2 and we used all of them. It was so fun to bring friends along to join in on the good times! For our last hurrah of summer we invite the Kuch Klan to come with us! 

We found some chairs to use at our Home Base, got a picture and then set out to have some fun.

The kids wanted to go on some rides first. Caleb had never been on a rollercoaster before. 

Christina wasn't sure how he would do so she went up to be with him and he did great!!! 

The girls and Zeke did not want to go on the rollercoaster so we found some shade and waited for them. 

I love these kids! 

Ella loves getting to have fun with these cute girls!!!

After the rollercoaster the kids wanted to go on the paper airplane ride. This was the ride Zeke was too short for when we came to the Holiday with Lights. I measured him and lo and behold he was exactly tall enough to ride it. I was so excited for him. He stood in line, got to the front and then he got rejected when the guy measured him. I let the other kids go through and then I asked the guy if we could remeasure him. I wanted to make sure he had his heels all the way back I also showed the guy how tall he was by using my hand as a ruler on the top of his head so he could actually see where the top of his head met the measurement. Exactly tall enough! So happy he could finally go on the bigger kid rides!!! 

After that ride was over we walked over to this spinning ride. Jack, Caleb, Addison and I all went on it. I had never gone on this ride before. It was awesome! At the very end it got a bit much, but I just held on and closed my eyes. Before it was going that fast it was amazing!!! Caleb and Addison did not like it at all. Poor kiddos! 

Owen and Jack are my daredevils so they went on the shoot em up ride! 

Addison was a bit ruined after the spinning ride, but I did get Caleb, Anna and Zeke to join me on the pirate ship if we sat in the middle. They had a great time! 

We went on the paraglider ride and after that the big boys went on the Timberhawk rollercoaster. Christina is always so good at remembering to take pictures. She wanted to have a picture of us moms!!! 

As well as getting free tickets to Wild Waves we also had some other fun coupons. We each got a free ride to go on the Soarin' Eagle Zipline. Owen and Ella didn't want to use their coupons so Caleb used Owen's and Anna used Ella's. Caleb rode with Jack, I rode with Zeke and Anna and Addison rode together. Christina just had to buy one ticket so Addison could go. The zipline was so much fun!!! 

We went all the way from the ride side to that pole way out there. You are actually hanging over the lazy river. It was a beautiful view! 

After the Zipline we went out to the car to eat lunch and then we were ready for the water side. 

The boys all went to the Wave Pool. 

Us girls went on the Raging River! That water ride is my favorite. In fact if I was a billionaire I would totally design a Raging River in my backyard. I could go on it over and over and over again! 

We went on a few more waterslides and then Zeke was done. He always gets cold the fastest. It was okay though because I needed to go home so he just came with me. Jack and Ella were going to spend the night at the Kuch's house and they both forgot a couple things at home. It made way more sense for me to run to the house so Christina didn't have to come farther away from home to then turn around and go home. It all worked out great and it was an awesome last hurrah for summer. 

I was not planning on getting season passes for next summer, but now that Zeke is actually tall enough to enjoy the rides and he's only going to grow more I decided that we would get them again. I can't wait to bring more friends with us next summer and have even more water park fun!