Sunday, September 22, 2019

Visiting Logan!

On Thursday, August 22nd Ella and I set out for Spokane to spend a few days with Logan. This time I helped her pick the DVD's out that we were going to play on our trip and that made a world of difference. Last year the princess movies that Ella picked were SO boring for me to listen to it made the drive feel like it took forever! 

On our way there we stopped in Moses Lake to get lunch...Carl's Jr for me and MCD's for Ella. When we got to Logan's house the girls had about an hour to play until it was time to go to Logan's piano lesson. I actually loved that Ella was able to join Logan during her everyday routine. Jen met us at Logan's lessons and I was so excited to see her. I love that Ella and Logan have such a fun relationship and Jen and I have a great time together too! Richard left early from the piano lessons to go get pizza for dinner. 

The next day our plan was to go to Silverwood. The first order of business was to drop off Jen's car at Les Schwab to get her tire fixed. After that we went back to the house to get ready to go to Silverwood. I love that Silverwood lets you bring in food...wish Wild Waves would do that! 

Richard was golfing that morning and then he had to go to a friends house so he met up with us at Silverwood later. 

Ella, Connor & Logan all ready to go to Boulder Beach. Well....Connor really didn't want to go in the water so Jen waited with him while I took the girls in the Lazy River. Once Richard got there he took Connor over to the other side of the park to go on rides and then us girls got to have girl time. Richard also took Connor up to Jen's parents house so Logan and Ella had some alone time at the house later as well. 

Last year Jen introduced Ella to the white Gatorade and Ella has been talking about it all year. It's her favorite. So of course we had to keep up the tradition this year. We froze the Gaterade so it would be nice and cold. Last year when we went to Silverwood it was 105 degrees...this year it was around 83. It was perfect!!! 

Last year the only thing Ella wanted to do was go on the Lazy River. This year we convinced her to go on the two big tube slides and one other smaller slide. Jen and Logan went on the racing slides, but Ella didn't want to do that. For the most part she wanted to stay in the Lazy River. It's absolutely her favorite! 

We finished up around 6ish, got all dried off, dressed and headed out. 

I bought us ice cream around 3pm, but by now we were hungry for dinner. At first I wanted to go to Cracker Barrel, but then I thought about how much I like Olive Garden and how Michael doesn't like it at all. It was perfect excuse to go eat there. Ella loves salad and breadsticks too! 

Unfortunately Ella was exhausted and had overdone it. When she gets that way she just shuts down. She was so tired at dinner she didn't eat anything. I told Jen it was so funny how the girls are still exactly like they were when they were babies. On days that I'd go to MOPS I wouldn't get home until around noon and Ella would be exhausted, but I'd want her to eat lunch before taking a nap. She would never eat anything! I finally just gave up trying to feed her so I would always put her straight to bed. I tried doing that once with Logan and she woke up about 30 minutes later and screamed bloody murder. Girl definitely needs to eat before going to bed. So while Ella was exhausted and not eating anything, Logan was just happy to eat her dinner and she asked if she could eat some of Ella's as well. Cracked me up!!! 

The next day we took our time getting ready and then headed out. Our first stop was at the Flag Man's store. Michael and I have been wanting a flagpole in our front yard for a long time, but I really wanted to buy one from a place that was top notch. I had looked online and nothing looked like it was good quality. Richard and Jen and Jen's parents both have a flagpole from this guys store so I felt way better buying one from him. It was not cheap, but I know it's going to last! 

We stopped at Sonic to get lunch and then were on our way. We spent the rest of the day at Ed & Penny's house. The girls loved going in the pool. While they were splashing around Jen, Penny and I were sitting next to the pool playing a game. They taught me this game...Azul. 

I liked it so much I ended up buying it from Amazon once we got back home. Of course I haven't had time to actually open it and play yet, but I will! 

I didn't take one picture while we were there. We stayed until around 8:30pm and then drove back to Jen's house. 

On Sunday we decided to stay home and let the girls play. The night before my back tooth had started to hurt so I did take a nap. 

Side Note...Once we got home from this trip I went to the dentist and found out I had an infection under my root canal. I actually had to have a retreat for my root canal....not fun, but thankfully my tooth doesn't hurt anymore. 

I also went out and laid in Jen's hammock so I could read a book. I had gotten this book right before going on this trip. It's an amazing book and I would highly recommend it! 

We did end up leaving the house once to go get all the fixing to make tacos for dinner. Other than that the girls had tons of time to play together. 

Last year we left on Sunday morning to come home, but it was a nightmare because of traffic. This year I decided to wait to leave until Monday morning in hopes that it would be less stressful. On Sunday night Ella slept with me down in the basement. We woke up at 6:30am and got ready. My hope was to get on the road by 7am. We did really good and ended up leaving at 7:05am. Also the traffic was nonexistent and made the trip home a breeze! 

It was such a fun trip and I love that we have made this a yearly girls trip!!!