Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Road Less Traveled!

So this morning we got around 8am and while I was doing the dishes I got this overwhelming feeling that we needed to go to church...our old church. We've been church "shopping" for a few month, but that has only resulted in us attending church a whopping 3...count them 3 times!!! We've gone to two different churches. One was a church some of our friends go to and we enjoyed it immensely, but it's way out by Lake Sawyer and part of the reason we were looking for different church was in an effort to find one closer to home. The second church we visited was very close to home...I think it's only 7 minutes from our house. They have a nice young contemporary pastor who tells it like it is. There are plenty of young married couples with kids and the nursery rocks, but they have a woman pastor and I just have some reservations about that. I really feel that men should be the spiritual leaders and I know that that will upset some people by hearing me say that, but that's how I feel. I do need to do a little more research on what the Bible has to say about it. In fact I've contemplated calling up my old pastor and seeing what he has to say about it because I'm sure it's come up at least once in the last oh say 20+ years he's been a pastor.

Anyways back to going to church this morning. Of all the morning to feel led to go to church, we are in the middle of the snow storm of the century! We did leave a little earlier than normal so we could take it slow, but surprisingly the roads didn't seem too bad. That coming from the person who was in the passenger seat and not driving. :)

This is what we saw when we got on I-5...

There was one car in front of us...way in front of us. At first we thought, holy cow no one is out driving in this!!! Then Michael looked in his rear view mirror and saw that the police had the freeway closed right behind us because of some accident. It was so weird to see the freeway this deserted during the day though.

So we made it to church just fine and so did a handful of people. It was so wonderful to see familiar faces and catch up with old friends. They were also so happy to see us. Because only a few people made it the nursery wasn't staffed so the boys stayed with us the whole time. They both did really great. Owen had a fantastic time flirting with the girls sitting behind us and Jack got to show off his cute reindeer suit to everyone.

After we got home we started talking about churches and how I really want to find a church home and how nice it was to see some of our friends and how I miss them so much. The reasons we were looking for a new church to begin with is mainly because of the nursery at our old church. It's not separated by age so all the kids from birth - 3 years are stuck in the same room together. That can make for a very dangerous situation for the little ones. I did talk to my friend who is now the full time nursery coordinator and they are separating them more often now so that makes me happy. They are trying to do the best they came with what they have. The church would really need to renovate the nursery in order to make it any better, but money is probably preventing them from being able to do that anytime soon. Another reason we were looking is because they've recently changed pastors. Our old pastor retired and I was so bummed to see him go. He's the pastor that married Michael and I and he's the one that's supported us through all of our infertility troubles. He knows us and what we've been through. It's really hard to handle a change like that in a church especially when it comes to preaching styles that are so different. But today after hearing me talking about how I missed going so much Michael said let's start going back we are going to start going to church again at our old church. We will give it another shot and see what God has in store for us there.


Furry Bottoms said...

Hey, it shouldn't matter what other people think about your religious views. Everybody has their own thoughts, feelings and desires. You feel you want your pastor to be a man, go with it and find the right one. Its what feels right for you, so all the more power to you :) You were talking about how at first it was too difficult to comprehend the difference the new pastor at your old church brought... but you know what. You would've had to start over with a new pastor at a new church anyway, so if going to the old church feels right, I compliment you. Familiar surroundings... God goes thousands of miles for you, so whats a few for you to go to worship him. If I lived in California, I would go 12 miles to this one church that has an interpreter, because I like that church. I'm just happy that you've found your groove, or are going to give it another shot. Let us know how it goes!