Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Puppy Love

We got this puppy toy from a McDonald's Happy Meal a little while ago and the boys have just been loving it. I decided the other day to see what Owen would do if I stuck it in his front pocket. I was sure he would want to take it right out and try to put it back in and it would turn into this screaming match because he wouldn't be able to do it by himself. To my surprise he just left it there and kept playing and then occasionally he would lean over and kiss it.
Last night I noticed that the outfit I had Jack on had a little pocket on the sleeve so I thought how fun...I'll put the puppy in his pocket and have pictures of both of the boys with the puppy. Jack didn't necessarily enjoy kissing the puppy as much as he enjoyed biting him...

I guess Jack didn't like it when the puppy bit back!

(No puppies or babies were hurt during this photo session!)