Saturday, August 20, 2011

Because It Might Be The Only Summer Day We Get!

This morning it occurred to me that Mom's usually take their kids to the sprinkler park during the week, but I bet it never crosses their mind on the weekend when Daddy is home. So we got all packed up and headed to the one in Federal Way and this is what we found...

We seriously were the only ones there! Okay for about 2/5 seconds and then another Mom came out of the restroom with her daughter, but still it was only that family and us for about a half an hour at least!

Of course we sat down and ate lunch...Owen says "Cheese!"

Jack says, "I don't want to!"


Ella says, "Huh?"

At first Owen observed the water from afar.

Jack was fine running through as long as you were with him.

Daddy was showing Ella how to splash.

She really loves these little water fountains.

Getting soaked!


Cute fair skins boys!

Owen liked blocking the water from coming out of this one.

"I got water in my eyes Mom!"

Towards the end of our time I took Ella over to the little kid play area and she practiced going up and down on this cool bridge. By the time she was done practicing she had been able to control her body and get down once without falling....that's a big deal for Ella since she's not very coordinated with her body yet.

Mmmmmm...okay I'm ready to go now!

We spent about 2 hours there and by time we left there was really only 8 families there. So I think my theory was correct if you want to go to the sprinkler park and avoid crowds go on the weekend.


The Nelsons said...

Looks like fun...what park is that?