Sunday, August 21, 2011

FlyLady Update

It's been a while since I've done a FlyLady update and let me just say that the relaxing...oh wait crazy days of summer have not helped keep me on a schedule. I admit it...I have fallen off the FlyLady bandwagon...not completely, but still I have fallen!

I still swish and swipe....sometimes. I was trying to get a new routine going, but I haven't quite gotten in the habit of it yet. I had gotten to the point where I thought it was a little excessive to clean the master bathroom EVERYDAY. Also I was trying to figure out when to clean the other 2 bathrooms. So I figured out a schedule that I thought would work...Sunday - Master / Monday - Half / Tuesday Hallway / Wednesday - None / Thursday - Master / Friday - Half / Saturday - Hallway. But I have found that if I don't do it first thing in the morning it doesn't get done.

I still shine my sink...sometimes. I have found that at night our schedule for our dish washing loads have been off. With that I mean that before dinner the dishwasher won't be full enough to run, but after dinner there are too many dishes to fit. So when it comes time to shine my sink there are dishes in it and the dishwasher is running. That happens to me all the time. I'm trying to get back in the groove though.

I still make my bed...most of the time! This last week with me and the kids being down for the count with illnesses I was sleeping in a lot. I might not have made the bed the second I got out, but it would definitely get made.

I still do a load a day...sometimes more! I have decided that I don't really like doing laundry on the weekends so in an effort to take those days off I try to do two loads twice a week. This just works out for me and doesn't really matter one way or another. With all the puking that's been going on lately we've been up to our armpits in laundry though!

In regards to the Missions that FlyLady sends out I haven't been keeping up with those at all. This summer has been super crazy with our busy schedule, illnesses (kids have had the stomach flu twice and it always spans 2 weeks each time) and with all my sanity issues that doesn't lend for keeping up with new things. With that being said I'm supposed to do a presentation on FlyLady this Fall/Winter at MOPS so I'm getting my Control Journal out on Monday and I'm hopping back on!


Momof2 said...

You can do it!!!