Friday, August 5, 2011

Impromptu Water Fun!

On Tuesday we were supposed to head out for another MOPS Playdate at the Tukwila Sprinkler Park. Unfortunately it was cloudy and felt kind of coolish! I called my friend Kim to see what she was going to do and we decided to still go because they also have an actual playground so we'd just let the kids play there and not go in the water. We'll lo and behold the sun came out and it got pretty warm fast! I need to remember that even if it's 68 degrees it's warm when the sun is shining directly on you and especially when you are surrounded by concrete! Anyways after playing at the playground we were just going to go home, but then I thought well let's just go over and check out the sprinkler part and maybe get our feet wet!

The boys were cautious and kept their distance at first.

Ella hasn't ever been a fan!

What is there something wrong with my hair???

I'm gonna shoot you!

 Then they just decided to go all in and have fun! Of course since we weren't planning on going to the sprinkler park area I didn't pack their swimming trucks or extra clothes! Needless to say the boys both rode home in their undies!!!

Ella also started to get a little more daring!

She really likes the little fountain ones!

Then it was time for Logan to get in on the action...she wasn't so sure about it and since I didn't have her in her swimsuit I didn't want to just sit her down and get her all wet!

Then the boys REALLY got brave! They willingly stood in the ring of water!

Owen did get nervous a bunch and ran out a few times, but in the end he and Jack both stayed in! Check out the video! This is a HUGE improvement from last year! I love that my boys are getting more and more adventurous!