Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Centre @ Norpoint Sprinkler Park!

Since we had so much fun at the sprinkler park in Tukwila on Tuesday and my friend Tricia invited us to come along we decided to head out on Wednesday morning to a new sprinkler park. The Centre @ Norpoint is in south Federal Way / North Tacoma.

It seems like whenever we go somewhere and I want the kids to play they want to eat and whenever I want them to eat they want to play! Go figures! Today they wanted to eat first.

I packed a ton of food because I know my kids....they need lots of options!

Logan had some baby food and then in good Logan form she ate all sorts of crumbs and probably some grass mixed in for good measure! :) Then it was time to experience the water!

This was Logan's first reaction! Hahaha!!!

Then the water stopped and she was like...where'd it go?

Yeah it's back....hilarious!

The boys are really getting into this whole water is fun thing. They even ran through these 3 rings that spray water.

Jack is such a brave boy!

Ella doesn't get as soaked at the boys, but she does enjoy the water shooting up!

I took a little video of the kids hoping to catch one of them getting shot in the face. It would have been hilarious, but sadly it didn't happen! I'm so evil!! It is cute though!

Love this shot of the kids...seriously it is hard to keep track of all of them! I'm always having people ask me, "Are they ALL yours?" Then I have to explain that I just watch Logan and then they want to know all the age differences and so on!

Time to dry off and go play on the playground.

Ella isn't too overly excited about the swings. She likes them though..wish this picture hadn't turned out blurry!

Logan on the other hand is over the moon in love with the swings...look at that smile!

We ended our time at the park by sliding down the little kid slide or in the boys case running down it!