Friday, August 19, 2011

Time For A Check-Up!

Last Friday I took all the kids to the dentist. Thankfully not all at once though! My friend Jen lives near our dentist so she watched Ella and I took the boys. Then I came and dropped off the boys and took Ella. It really worked out well!

 Owen is a total pro at the dentist! He just hops up in the chair and doesn't even need me there. They even got really good x-rays and they scrubbed off the stains on his front teeth too.

Jack did better this time. He gets really nervous, but he sat on my lap and let her clean and floss his teeth. She was also able to get x-rays for the first time. The only part he didn't like was when they put the fluoride on his teeth.

Ella was quite shy and I don't blame her with all the trauma she experienced with dentists earlier in the year. She did let the hygienist clean her teeth and then the dentist got a good look at the inside of her mouth and her wound is all healed!!! She also didn't like the fluoride treatment. All in all the kids did great and there were no cavities!