Monday, August 8, 2011

Fun With Food!

We had tacos for dinner on Thursday and I had 3 "little helpers" in the kitchen with me.

Owen has been getting more and more adventurous with that I mean he's now eating bananas and he actually ate taco meat at dinner. As for the olive...he licked it and then gave it to Jack.

Ella is going through a mush phase...let's just mush all the food, drop it on the floor and maybe eat a little. She is by far our messiest eater!

Jack wolfed down these olives!!!

After we ran a few errands we came home and had cookies and milk for a snack before bed. Owen said, "Mommy take a picture of my telescope!"

I asked Jack, "How could you use your cookies and make yourself look like Mickey?" With a little prompting he did this.

Remember mush phase....she ate a little, but basically just crushed up a bunch of cookies! Silly girl!