Friday, May 30, 2014

Nose Piercing!

Here's the story behind the nose piercing! 

On Memorial Day my Mom, SIL Stephanie, two Aunts and I all went shopping together at Southcenter. My Aunt had blessed Stephanie with a new piece of luggage so she told me to find something that I liked and she would pay for it. I was thinking and couldn't really think of anything that I really needed. Then we walked by the BJP (Body Jewelry Plus) store and I just jokingly said, "Will you pay for my nose to get pierced?" Surprisingly she said yes and she wanted to get her Tragus repierced. That's when I got that funny feeling in my tummy I really want to do this. We did a bit more shopping and then took a break at Starbucks where I finally texted Michael to see what he thought about it. He texted me back and said if I wanted to then go ahead. That's when I texted my friend Erin to chat with her since she has her nose pierced and I was freaking out thinking it was going to hurt so bad. She encouraged me by saying...."You've had 4 C-Sections!!" 

After a bit more back and forth I finally told my Aunt Linda..."Let's do this before I change my mind!" I finally decided that life is short and this is not something that's permanent! I can take it out at any time and you won't even know that I ever had it. My brother had offered to pay for me to get it pierced for my birthday last year, but I just wasn't ready then. This was the time and it was so fun to get to do that with my Aunt. Good memories! 

Only one person was able to come into the room with me and in a matter of 30 seconds or so I had all this go through my mind. Oh of course I want my mom....wait maybe I should ask Stephie to come in since she's had her nose pierced before...wait my Aunt is the one paying and she's getting her tragus repiercer....Aunt Linda! 

The first thing I told the guy was I was so nervous. He had be sit down on the table and then he cleaned my nose inside and out and then made a dot where the piercing was going to go. He ended up making a second one since he didn't like the first one. Then I checked it out and gave him the all clear. That's when I laid down and before Aunt Linda even got to put my glasses down and get the camera he was already starting the process. I cried...."Aunt Linda I need your hand!" The he said..."Deep Breath" and it was over! I have heard people say it doesn't hurt, but seriously I was thinking they were crazy nuts! But in all honestly it seriously did not hurt at all! My eyes didn't even tear up! I've had much more pain from plucking my eyebrows! 

My first selfie right after we were all done! 

Like I said Aunt Linda got her Tragus repierced. She was great and she said hers didn't hurt either! 

The guy was nice enough to take our picture! He was a sweetie and definitely well versed in piercings! 

Of course Michael gave me a funny look when I came home, but he's fine with it. He just said it was going to take a little while to get used to it. The funny thing was it took a couple hours for any of the kids to even notice it. Of course Jackson was the first...he's so observant. He asked...."What's that on your face?" He doesn't like it, but he's also the kids that says I look strange when I come in with a new hair cut. It will grow on him! It took Owen a full day longer to even notice it. He doesn't mind! 

The next morning my nose was a teeny bit sore, but nothing bad. I also can barely feel it at all. The only thing I have to keep track of is if the part inside my nose is turned wrong you can see it so I have to make sure it's tucked in. 

So far I'm happy with my decision. I think it looks nice and it was fun to make a great memory with my Aunt. 


Furry Bottoms said...

You do look a little green in the picture after the piercing was done. I remember when I had my seven piercing done in one ear I was green too. Glad you had this experience.

Melody said...

How fun!! Super cute! I would totally get my nose pierced if Corbin was down with it, but he hates nose piercings. Although oddly he once convince me to get my eye brow pierced (not sure why he liked that). But sadly me eyebrow DID NOT like the piercing and it was more disgusting and infected than it was cute : )

Momof2 said...

Yay! I think you made the right choice! Glad I was able to convince you!

Momof2 said...

Yay! Looks great! Glad I was able to convince you!

Momof2 said...

Yay! Glad you got it!