Tuesday, October 28, 2014

No Sew Fleece!

My friend Jen...Logan's mom is expecting a baby boy in December so it gave me a great excuse to make a baby blanket. I've made lots of burp cloths and I've crocheted a baby blanket before, but I had never made a no sew fleece blanket before. I've seen the kits at Joann's, but I wanted to make sure the blanket wasn't too big and would really be useful as a car seat blanket. It will be nice and warm for the little guy. 

First I bought two different kinds of fleece....one patterned and the other plain. I chose footballs because Jen's husband Richard is a crazy Husky fan. They did have actual Husky fleece, but it was more expensive and I didn't like the idea of a boy having a blanket with purple on it. 

I laid both fabrics (1.5 yards) on top of each other and trimmed them to be exactly the same size. 

Then I cut out a 4" X 4" square on each corner. 

All four corners cut out...now the time consuming part! 

I ended up taking that 4" X 4" piece of paper and folding it so it was only 1" thick and then I used that as I guide to cut the rest of the blanket. Later after giving the blanket to Jen her mom suggested that should have used my rotary cutter....that never even crossed my mind. Plus I need a new blade so I doubt it would have gone through 2 pieces of fleece anyway. Oh well...live and learn right! 

Then came the tying part. This was interesting because first started on the football side and I tied every other piece...with just one knot and then I flipped the blanket over and tied the rest. It helps the ties look nicer since the colors aren't the same going all the way around the blanket. Jen's mom also told me there is a new way to do these blankets by making a slit in the fabric and then pulling the it through. I had even heard of that way before. I might have to look that at up the next time I decide to make one. 

All done and folded in half...the perfect size for a car seat. It was fun to make and it only took me 2 hours start to finish. Also there was enough fabric left over I was able to make 2 burp cloths....I didn't like the way one of them turned out so I only gave Jen one and also a sleeping bag for one of Jack's puppy's. That boys sweet love of stuffed animals is so cute!