Sunday, February 28, 2016

Black Bear Diner Is My Kids McDonald's!

I drive a Costco, Winco, Wal-Mart you name it...I'm on the move! Zeke and I pass by Black Bear Diner in Federal Way all the time. Almost every time he points it out. A couple weeks ago he asked if he could ask Ga-Ga if she'd go to Black Bear Diner with us. I thought he might just want to have it be him and Ga-Ga for a lunch date the next time she watched him while I was volunteering at school, but no...he wanted us all to go to dinner. It was so sweet! So we made plans to go the next Thursday that Ga-Ga watched Zeke. Pa came up after work and once Michael got home we were off to dinner. 

The kids were so thrilled! They honestly love this place more than McDonald's. 

We always get the kids an adult meal to split. Kids meals are ridiculous in my opinion...lets pay more for less! Anyways we get The Volcano. It comes with 3 pancakes....the first is huge and then they get smaller...hence the name Volcano. Normally it comes with 2 pieces of bacon and 2 pieces of sausage, but my kids don't like their sausage so we get all bacon. Then it also comes with scrambled eggs. All of that for $9.99! $2.50 per kid for dinner....yes please! 

We did splurge and we got each of the kids a chocolate milk, but I think those were only a dollar something so still the kids meals were under $4 and they didn't even finish all the food....I finished off most of the pancake for my dessert. 

Speaking of dessert the kids asked for a chocolate sundae. I knew that one would be fine for them to split so I just asked the waitress if we could have 1 sundae with 4 know there would be an uproar if someone didn't get their very own cherry! She was so sweet...she just ended up making 4 small sundaes so each of the kids could have their very own! 

Black Bear Diner is the best!!! 

And of course 2 of the kids ended up not wanting cherries after all so Jack was the lucky one that got 3 cherries! The kids behaved themselves so well and it was just a pleasant evening with Ga-Ga & Pa. And to top it off Ga-Ga wouldn't let me pay for ours! Thanks for taking us out to dinner Mom!!!