Monday, February 22, 2016


You know it's been a long time since you've played outside when the kids get SUPER excited about the teeny tiniest puddle ever! 

They were so super happy to get to put their muddy boots on and splash! 

It was also sad though because we realized that Zeke's super cute puppy boots had a split in them on the side! He was walking so funny since his feet were soaking wet! 

After we took his old boots off he put on his not nearly as awesome camo boots, but they still did the trick so he didn't mind all that much! 

Jackson has NO problem just running up and splashing whoever is nearby! 

I loved the action shots! 

Of course I wasn't using my actual camera so most of them ended up blurry! 

Ella wanted to splash in the puddle, but she was so cute and would space her steps just perfect so she would end up jumping over the puddle instead. After a few tries she finally got it! 

Zeke was getting himself all geared up to run! 

Towards the end they were running from all the way across the street to jump. It was fun watching them enjoy something as simple as a little puddle!