Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Kids Valentine's!

Every year I try to do something fun for the kids Valentine's. I know I could go and buy them, but I'm the craft lady so what would be the fun in that. Last year for Christmas our neighbor gave us the XXL bag of M&M's. There is NO WAY we are going to eat that many M&M's so I thought that we could use some of those for the Valentine's. I looked on Pinterest for a really long time trying to figure out a cute play on words, but there is nothing with M&M's. I finally stumbled across this idea and ran with it. I printed the Valentine's out in color from the library for free and then I cut them and put them together with some colored paper for the background. Each kid had a different color so we'd know who's were who's. Ella's were pink, Jack's red and Owen's were tan. The kids got to use a few of my Stampin' Up Stamps to put hearts and Valentine wishes on the back of the Valentine's. 

I had the kids help me assemble them a couple nights before they had to take them to school. I put the paper in the cellophane bags and they put the M&M's.  

I also spent a good amount of time separating the M&M's since each bag could only have 5 of two different colors. 

Don't worry I made the kids wash their hands before handling the candy. I think I must have been helping Ella so much that I forgot to get a picture of her! 

It was so fun to see what colors the kids picked for their friends. Jack was very particular about each person making sure not to include a color they didn't like. He has such a sweet heart and knew specifics about so much of his classmates. I think there were only a few he didn't know and he gave those kids blue and green for Seahawk colors! 

Here's a closer look at the card. I use my My Memories program and made the Tic Tac Toe boards. I thought it would be fun for them to get candy and a little game to play!