Thursday, February 25, 2016

Park Time!

The kids didn't get the whole week off for Mid-Winter break they just got Monday and Tuesday which was fine by me. It seems like they are out of school all the time! Michael had asked me to go to Lowe's with the kids and buy the can light for Ella's room and while we were out the kids begged me to go to the park. We went back home first so we could get their scooters and then I took them to the park that only Zeke had been to before. My kids love going to new parks! 

The weather was perfect for being out and playing and the park was empty. I don't know if there aren't many kids in that neighborhood or if it's just the location, but we had it all to ourselves. 

Of course the kids run around trying everything out for just a minute before moving onto the next thing. 

The teeter totter can be a bit difficult when your partners legs don't touch the ground! 

Jackson showing Zeke how it's done! Zeke did try to get up, but then got nervous so Owen had to help him down. 

The nice thing about this park is the half basketball court that connected to the playarea. It's just perfect for their scooters. I even took Owen's razor for a spin. The only thing is,  see that little wet patch on the far right. Yeah....I hit that and the scooter shot out from under me in a split second and I was on the ground. Oh man road rash hurts. I'm going to be so much more sympathetic with the kids when they get it now. I guess I had forgotten from when I was a kid, but it stings...bad! 

Of course this was Ella's actual birthday. She was having a good time until towards the end....the kids have been bickering a lot lately and since I had warned them to knock it off we ended up having to leave earlier than expected. Ella was of course in complete meltdown mode by then. 

I love how Zeke will ride his scooter and then go play and not ask to have his helmet taken off! 

I tried to teeter totter with is actually not that fun since the springs aren't very loose! 

One last picture before the bickering got to be too much! I'm sure the kids and I will be visiting this park more this summer!