Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ella Grace is 6 Years Old!

I remember laying in my hospital bed 6 years ago holding the sweetest chubby baby that weighted over 8lbs, but was supposedly 3 weeks early. Oh her smell was just divine...sweetness for sure! I remember laying in bed a few months before her birth and waking up from a dream and having it hit me that I really really REALLY wanted a girl! It's been so fun seeing the sweet tender side of her, but then seeing that feisty sassy side as well. Here are a bunch of pictures of Ella during the last year! 

Happy Birthday breakfast! She wanted waffles with berries. She also asked for sausage, but I forgot about that part...she was so great though and didn't mind! 

Six years old....are you kidding me! 

The kids don't have school today so we are celebrating at home. I was bummed when I found out that she wasn't going to go to school on her actual birthday. It's always so fun celebrating at school. I'm volunteering on Thursday though so I'm going to have lunch with her and bring treats for her classmates. 

Last week was Spirit week at school. Tuesday was Twin Day so Ella and Kendra dressed alike in their Seahawks shirts, black leggings, orangish/pink coats, tennis shoes and they even had the same type of braid in their hair. 

Even though Logan won't be able to make it to Ella's birthday party it was SO much fun for them to get to play with each other a few weeks ago. Recently Ella asked where Logan lives and I showed her a map of Washington on my phone. I pointed to where we live and then where Logan lives and she said, "Whoa!" Logan was so sweet she called Ella on Valentine's Day to say she loves her and misses her. It's so fun to see Ella talk on the phone. She doesn't do much talking she just smiles and then nods her head. It won't be long though and I'm sure I'll have a hard time keeping her off the phone. 

It's been so fun getting to play more and more with Ella's hair. She used to not sit still at all, but now she loves to have me do her hair. 

She also loves movies just as much as we do and she is fine if they are typical boy movies. She watches cartoons that the boys watch, but she also LOVES Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse. I love that show too...super cute! 

Ella loves clothes! Sometimes she will change clothes 3 times a day. She loves to dress up in her costumes, but usually doesn't stay in them very long. She loves her Anna dress because of the off the shoulder sleeves! 

She is all about the crafts. She is constantly carrying around a purse with markers or pens in it. She just loves to express herself creatively!

She loves to buzz around on Zeke's Dodge Ram. She's usually has to stop and get gas....she pretends the mailbox is the gas pump. She will also give me drive by kisses! 

She did such a good job at her Kindergarten performance for Christmas. She didn't necessarily know all the words, but she had the motions down! 

She is so cute when it comes to picking out toys. Most of the stuff she picks is stuff I think she wants to want, but I know from past purchases that she won't really end up playing with very much. She not a super interested in toys. She mainly likes to draw, color and pretend play with her purses and phones. She has recently gotten more interested in her Barbies though. 

Sweet girls loves her mommy! She loves to spend time with me and really does not like it when I got out. When I leave to go to choir practice on Tuesday nights she tells me not to go and sometimes she even breaks out the water works. Breaks my heart! 

Candy is just like toys...she wants to like it, but at the same time she can take it or leave it. Especially chocolate she is not a chocolate girl. She loves suckers or anything fruitie and chewy! 

Cutie loves getting her face painted and no matter how long the line is she'll wait for it! 

She might be a girly girl, but she is not afraid to get messy! 

Man she loves that Seahawks shirt....I think there have been 3 pictures so far of her in it. She loved those pink shoes too, but sadly they are too small now! 

At the dentist ready to get her cavity filled! She's suck a trooper! 

Not sure why she doesn't look that happy in this picture....I think we were packing to leave Seabrook so that might explain it. She loves her locket that Ga-Ga & Pa got her though. Ga-Ga has since had to buy a thicker chain though....that girl is rough with her necklaces and they always break! 

My baby girl! 

This was her most favorite outfit of all the clothes I bought her for school. That skirt is so faded now from being washed over and over! 

Taking my girl painting was such a fun experience. I'm so glad that we get these moment just the two of us! 

Ella may not need toys to entertain her, but she LOVES her friends! She is always so happy whenever she gets to go to one of her friends houses or they get to come to our house. Playing at the park is also super fun! 

Going to school was a major change in Ella's life this year. She wasn't the least bit scared. I'm so glad that she has her older brothers with her on the bus. She likes feeling like a big kid! 

Ella loves everything about school. She loves her teacher, she loves the routines, she loves seeing her friends. She even cried over Christmas break because she wanted to see Ms. Asselin so badly! 

Even though Ella and Kendra aren't in the same class they spend every recess together. These girls love each other. Kendra was sick for a few days about a month ago and Ella was SO sad. It is seriously the worst day ever if she can't play with Kendra at recess! 

Ella has definitely made improvements in regards to her learning. We are still on the fence on whether or not we might have her stay in Kindergarten for another year. I'll be writing another post about this. We are so proud of the progress she has made though and her tenacity is such a great trait for her and will help so much in her life! 

Enjoying the last couple days before starting her school career! 

Meeting her teacher Ms. Asselin! Ms. Asselin could not be a better fit for Ella. She is wonderful and Ella loves her to pieces. 

Finding treasures at the beach. This girl is such a beach babe! 

Ella is so lucky to have older brothers and a younger brother. For the most part they get along. She can be the typical annoying sister, but that's her job right! 

Ella getting to go to Kindergarten camp. Owen and Jack didn't get to do anything like this so this was fun for her to get a taste of what school would be like!

Celebrating our the start of Football season! Go Hawks! 

All of my babies in the tub together for probably the last time! 

Ella loves to get her nails done....we are still working on sitting still until they are truly dry! 

Ella with her 2nd cousin Alli....she loves girl time! 

Getting ready to go swimming at the water park. We are going back to Ritzville this summer to meet Logan and have a water park day of fun! 

Cute sunkissed girl! Her beautiful skin gets so tan during the summer months! 

Ella got a bunch of play make-up for her birthday. She loves putting it on. She actually does a pretty good job and if it gets all over she asks me to use the make-up remove and help fix it. Usually after a couple hours it's all worn off anyways so I don't mind. She knows she can't wear it to school or church though! 

Ella and Zeke play so well together. It has been quite an adjustment for him not having her home all day long! 

Taking a break from all that scooter riding! 

Climbing to the top doesn't scare her one bit! 

Ella loves the water, but she really doesn't like having to wear her life jacket. She likes feeling free I guess! 

So proud of her Barbie Dreamhouse that Ga-Ga got her from a garage sale! 

Waiting for her turn to bowl! 

Taking a spin in an airplane at the family fun center! 

Getting loved on by her big brothers! 

So happy for the warm weather and a chance to get in the pool! 

Fun in the sun! 

Ella lost 2 teeth during this last year. Her first tooth I helped pull out, but the second one she wouldn't let me and she ended up eating it with her chicken from IKEA! 

Here's all the money her first tooth "grew"! 

Just chillin'! 

Ella LOVES her daddy! He is just perfect in her eyes!

Ice cream with all sorts of yummy stuff is always a nice treat! 

Getting her ears pierced for the second time after the first holes closed up. Unfortunately we had to take her earrings out again because they were almost completely come through her ears. It was horrible and Daddy had to hold her down so I could get them out. Bad situation all around! So we have decided that she will have to wait until she's much older to get earrings again and she will always have to have the ones that have locking backs so they can't keep getting tighter and tighter! 

Trying a new toy at the park! 

More time in the pool! It got a lot of use last year! 

Cruisin' around in McQueen! 

Getting her haircut by Bridgett for the second time. It's crazy how much it's grown since this picture and I've even trimmed it myself since then as well. 

Ella bought this dress and crown at my churches MOPS sale with her very own money! 

In May of last year she graduated from my MOPS group and got her very own Bible! 

I can't believe that 3 of my babies have graduated from MOPS already! 

Riding around on her bike. Ella still has her training wheels on, but we are going to work on getting her to ride without them this year. 

More bowling fun with friends! 

Taking a walk in the woods! 

Ella stopped taking naps once the boys got out of school for the summer in June of last year. Every once in a while if she was acting out I would send her to her room and this is what I'd find a little while later. Knowing that her body would require more sleep we have made her bedtime be 7:30 and usually around 7pm she is asking if it's time for bed! 

Having a picnic at the park! 

Last year over spring break I took each of the older kids out on solo dates with me. They each got to choose a special treat. Ella choose the berry smoothie from Costco! 

Like I said she is fine getting messy...especially if it's the least bit crafty! 

Excited about all her treats! 

Trying on glasses while I was getting my new pair. I secretly was hoping she would end up needing glasses because these were just so cute on her! 

Cheering her brothers on at their track meet! 

So proud of her Play-Doh 'A'.

Getting better and better at coloring in the lines! 

Getting all pampered at her 5th birthday party! Due to my grandma passing away Ella's birthday was almost a month late, but she didn't mind at all. As long as she got to spend time with her friends she was a happy girl!

Having hot cocoa and sitting around the fire pit! 

Loving on her 'baby' brother! 

Ella Bean....you are a beautiful girl inside and out! You have grown so much over this last year. You inspire me to never give up. Even though you get frustrated sometimes you love to learn new things. You are so good at using what is around you to help you figure something out. For example you count the number pictures on the wall in your classroom if you can't remember what a number looks like to write it. You are so sweet in your big kid class at church. You love to sing the songs and do the motions and every time Ms. Colleen asks if anyone wants to ask Jesus into their heart for the very first time you always raise your hand. You are always the first one out of the kids to wake up in the morning. No matter what time you go to bed you always wake up between 6:45 - 7:15. Sometimes you'll come in to snuggle with me or you'll go into the playroom and play. You are wanting to come shopping with me more and more and I love it. On New Year's Eve you came with me to Costco for our monthly shopping and it was so much fun just the two of us! 

Ella I am overjoyed that God gave me you! At one time I thought I wanted all boys, but God knew I needed you. I needed sweet, sassy and all girl YOU! You are more precious that words! I love that at night I get to sing you your song, pray for you and start your music box, but the best part is the sweet hugs and kisses I get! Last year at MOMCON I felt like I was doing a horrible job at being a mom to a girl. I felt like I was failing you and it broke my heart. I was being so hard on myself, but later on I realized that of course I'm going to make mistakes and we are going to have disagreements, but that's life sweet girl. I'm not perfect and I never will be, but I do promise you that I'll never stop trying to be the best mom...the mom you deserve and the mom that LOVES you so unconditionally it hurts! God loves you so much Ella...more than me which is hard to imagine! You are my precious girl and I'm so proud of you! 

Happy Birthday Ella Grace!