Thursday, February 4, 2016

Biking Ride!

On Martin Luther King day the kids didn't have school and Michael didn't have work and the sun came out! It was a MLK day miracle! :) 

Since Owen's birthday was only a couple days before it was the perfect time to take his new bike for a ride.

He LOVES it of course! It rides like a dream...I know from personal experience!

Of course his favorite thing is all the different gears. He loves to try them all out!

He looks pretty cool on his new ride! 

Even though McQueen isn't new it's been so long since Zeke has gotten to drive him around he was pretty stoked!

Ella had fun cruising around in Zeke's Dodge Ram!

Then Michael decided to get a little tough with Jackson. See he's going to be 8 years old this year and he still doesn't know how to ride a bike. We haven't really pushed him because we do know that he struggles with balance and he still has dexterity issues. But the time for tough love had finally arrived. While I was inside Michael had a pep talk with Jack and then finally just pushed him down the little ramp of the driveway and let go. I guess that finally did it because he started peddling.

After a couple times riding on his own Michael came and got me so I could come watch .

I'm so proud of Jackson. This is something that has really scared him. He has confidence issues so this was a huge deal for him. 

He still needs to work on pedaling and steering at the same time. He tends to look down at the road while he's pedaling and then he freaks out when he looks up and sees he needs to turn or if one of the other kids comes too close to him. Then he puts his feet down and stops himself. 

He has been able to make two loops in the street without stopping! We were so proud of him!! He still lacks confidence though and needs to work on trusting his body and it's abilities! 

Unfortunately the weather has been so yucky he's only been able to go out twice since Owen's birthday. 

Hopefully we'll get some nicer weather soon so he can practice practice practice!!! 

Zeke Man has no interest in riding anything with pedals. He's totally a scooter boy! 

It's kind of understandable though since his short little legs have a hard time reaching pedals on most toys! 

Oh the woes of being almost 4 years old, but being as short as a 2 year old!