Friday, January 29, 2016

Look Who Came To Visit!

Last Friday I got a text from Jen asking if they could come over the next day....if you don't remember they moved to Spokane back in October. They were over here because Logan had some audiology appointments. I was thrilled and I knew Ella would be as well. I wanted to tell Ella, but at the same time Kendra was coming over to play and I wanted Ella to focus on her friend that was here now and not being focusing on Logan coming the next day. 

On Friday night while putting Ella to bed I told her I had a secret and she could here it now or wait to find out in the morning. Of course she chose to hear it right then. So I told her that Logan was coming over the next day. At first she looked at me and just stared. Then I said it again and waited. She took a deep breath in and then screamed....then screamed again and again and again! I'd say she was excited! 

Richard, Jen, Logan and Connor got here around lunch time and they even brought stuff for to make lunch. Logan and Ella escaped upstairs and started playing like they had just seen each other the day before. I love that they have such a good friendship it's like no time has passed at all. It's almost like sisters! 

Once lunch was ready they came down to eat and then went right back upstairs to play. Richard only stayed for a few minutes because he needed to go shopping to find coats for the kids. Jen and I got to sit and chat and catch up. Michael just hung out and played on his phone and then went upstairs to finish watching a movie. Us ladies were having lots of fun talking! 

It wasn't until it was time for them to leave that I thought to take pictures of these cuties! They should all be coming over again for more appointments for Logan in April so hopefully we'll be able to meet up then. It's not the same as seeing each other fact it's probably better since they would get annoyed with each other when they saw each other every day. I love the relationship these girls have!