Thursday, January 14, 2016

More Memories!

After finding the Snack Shack I thought it would be fun to try to remember other toys that I loved growing up. I was able to find quite a few.

One year I remember getting two water toys. Not sure if this was for Christmas or my birthday, but I loved both and probably used them until they died. I do remember that both of them got water everywhere and I always had to play with a towel under them. The first was...

This shower seriously worked and it was so much fun. I remember thinking that one day I wanted a big round soaking tub like Barbie had. I do remember that the shower walls were a bit finicky and they'd fall off pretty easily, but seriously tons of happy memories from this toy. 

The second water toy was...

I remember LOVING She-Ra and He-Man growing up...."By the power of Grey Skull"....classic 80's! This was fun because it had a pump so the falls really worked. Again I remember lots of water and leakage, but tons of fun! 

The next couple gifts came later in life I was probably closer to being a teenager. This was when electronic toys really started to be up and coming. 

Oh my word....hours and hours of fun were had playing this game. It was took a bit to set it up, but it was awesome. What girl doesn't like getting to "shop" and use a credit card! "Attention shoppers there is a sale at the electronics store!" LOVE IT! 

Next up was....

Seriously who wouldn't want to know who was crushing on them! I mean look at these hotties! 

Bruce was always the guy I wanted to like me. Paul he was a future boy band wanna be! Scott was mister prep school boy and Carlos was just ewww...I mean he's like 40 years old...GROSS! 

The best part about both of these games are....I STILL HAVE THEM! 

I have carried these things with me for years and I can just never bring myself to get rid of them. I should bring them out and see how they work. The dream phone game looks a little worse for wear since I went through a phase where I thought drawing on peoples faces and making them look awful was pretty cool so the girls on the front of the box look pretty nasty!