Sunday, January 17, 2016

Red Rider BB Gun!

During Christmas break the boys spent quite a bit of time outside shooting their new BB Gun. With adult supervision of course.  

I hadn't been able to go out yet, but on New's Day I decided to head out to take pictures and also take aim! 

It's hard to tell in this picture but beyond the play structure is a big round from the tree we had cut down. We were using 3 soda cans as targets. 

Daddy has been teaching the boys gun safety. How to hold the gun and how to hand it to the next person in line. Owen is a really good shot! 

Jackson is so cute...the gun is all over the place, but I'm not much better when it's my turn! 

The next step....once they have gotten things down a bit will be getting them a .22 rifle. 

This was Ella and my first time shooting so Daddy had to give her the run down of what to do. 

Her cute little hands aren't quite bit enough to reach the trigger comfortably.

With a little help from Daddy she was able to have fun though. 

Of course the instructor needed to take a few shots as well! 

We tried to get Zeke to have a turn, but he was NOT interested at all. He did enjoy standing in line though and got quite upset when one of his siblings cut in front of him! 

The crew....Daddy had put a metal pipe on the ground to be a visual so the kids wouldn't wander into the line of fire. 

The funny thing is the first time Michael went to shoot the BB gun he had set up some pile wood so the BB's wouldn't go into the neighbors lawn. He took aim and what do you know....he didn't get hit in the eye, but he did get pelted in shoulder!  He decided he would angle the pile wood a bit so if it did ricochet it wouldn't come back and hit him. After he did that he had Jack take aim and what do you hit Michael in the other shoulder!  So hilarious! After that Michael decided that the pile wood was just a bad idea. The neighbors don't hang out in their backyard much, they don't have kids or pets and of course we wouldn't shoot if they were out there so we figured it was okay. 

After our little target practice Michael decided to try to adjust the sights. We were all having a hard time hitting the cans. Once he adjusted them Owen and he just about shredded the soda cans. We are thinking of buying this target online. It's only about $20 and the neat thing about it is it resets itself. You shoot the lower 4 and then you shoot the 1 on top and it resets the lower 4 again! Awesome!