Friday, January 8, 2016

Accomplishments 2015!

Every year we like to sit down and go over the goals we made for that year and see how we did. This is more for my records than anything. 

Goals for 2015

Home & Yard Goals: 

Get estimate for driveway 
We did and ouch it's going to cost almost 10K to get that done, but it is something that desperately needs to be done...thanks tree roots! We do not want to have a claim on our homeowners insurance because someone breaks their leg and it would be nice for our kids to eventually be able to play basketball in their own driveway!
Have consultation about kitchen remodel
We did not do this because we found out how expensive the driveway was going to be and so this project won't be getting done for a few more years. I did sit down and seriously draw up some plans and my thinking on the design has changed. The best part is the company that we bought our cabinets from still sells them so it won't be nearly as expensive. We only need 4 new cabinets...which is still going to cost us around 3K or so! 

Fix broken front window
Yay we did get the window fixed....not as quickly as we had hoped since I flew to Wyoming for my Grandma's funeral, but it was totally worth the wait. Since we didn't fix it in the winter we figured why rush. We saved for other things first and then the window and finally got it fixed in September before the weather turned cold! 

Purchase weed eater - DONE!
Build Kids Clubhouse - DONE!
We completed these goals prior to me getting around to posting about our 2015 goals! 

Replace wood and restain deck
We did not do anything with the deck last year since we felt that the yard needed new bark if we were going to try to get the weeds under control. The deck isn't in horrible shape it's just something that we do need to do and that's why it's on our goal list for 2016. 

Figure out backyard landscape
This is still something we are struggling with. We know that we want to enlarge the pea gravel area around the play structure, but other than that we are stuck. I would like Michael to build me some more raised garden beds down on the hillside, but we also need to figure out the awkward stair area that leads to our easement. 

A couple goals we added to our list later in the year were...

Clean out under our deck
We did this and it made a huge difference. We took tons of stuff to the dump and now it's a great covered area for the kids to play in the backyard. 

Organize our basement
It was such a mess and now it's so nice and organized. It was not something Michael wanted to do, but he worked on that while I worked on clearing out under the deck and it was very fulfilling to finish! 

Financial Goals: 

Pay back 3-6 months savings - DONE!
Finished before I posted about goals. 

Save for window replacement

Save for appliances
We did set up an actual appliance savings account and it has come in handy since our garbage disposal broke and the pump to my washing machine just went out. 

Start saving for trip to Hawaii for our 20th Anniversary in 2019
We did not do that, but this is something we are starting in 2016

Start saving for a car
We did add this to our budget....we need to up the amount, but all things in good time! 

Personal Goals - Michael: 

Learn more about the Backhoe
Michael did get more opportunities at work to further his knowledge about the Backhoe. He still would really like to get his CDL, but that's all up to Boss Man so we'll see! 

Personal Goals - Lyndsay: 

Get more toned
In February...I think...I started working out with my neighbor Rachael. We meet once a week at her house. It's been slow since it's only once a week, but I have noticed a major change in my body. I no longer have to go to the chiropractor nearly as often. PTL!

Finish reading through the Bible
A couple years ago I started reading the Bible Chronologically with my church. I made it until August and then things just fell by the wayside. My plan was to pick up and finish, but that didn't happen. Instead I joined BSF in September...another thing I've been wanting to do for years. We are studying Revelations and I'm loving every minute of it. To me anytime spent in the Word of God is a win! 

Be more intentional with teaching Ella
I tried people....I really did! That girl and I just do not work well together. I decided for the health of our relationship that I just needed to pull back. Ella is doing so much better in school. We meet with the rest of her IEP team in January so I'll have an update then. 

Couple Goals: 

Go on more dates
Michael and I definitely did go on more dates...still not enough if you ask me, but we are going to work on that more this year as well! 

Overall I feel really good about what we accomplished in 2015. One thing that is crazy for me to think about is that 5 years ago Michael was still unemployed, we had 3 small children, I started watching Logan to help money wise and we still had no clue what God had in store. Fast forward 5 short years and Michael has had numerous raises so much so I don't have to watch anyone else's child and this year alone we were able to...

build the kids an indoor clubhouse
I was able to attend my grandma's funeral
get bark for our whole yard
go on vacation  to Wyoming
get our window replaced
go on vacation to Seabrook
have our front tree cut down
give our kids a great Christmas 

All of that without ONE credit card! Dave Ramsey would be proud! :)