Friday, January 15, 2016

Owen Michael is 9 Years Old!

Today my firstborn is 9 years old! The last single digit! 

Of course the picture I took of him at school while we were singing Happy Birthday to him he would be looking away! 

I thought it would be fun to include a bunch of random photos throughout the whole last year of Owen's life. 

He's a busy boy...always doing something whether it's building an army man set up, or riding a bike or playing with LEGO's. 

He has to be busy with something. He absolutely can't stand doing nothing and being BORED! 

He still loves his Mommy though and he has given himself the title of My Personal Love Bug! 

This last year Owen has learned a lot. 

Fun things like blowing bubbles! 

But also just normal everyday things like helping me around the house more and actually knowing how to do it well. 

He loves adventures! 

He's always asking to go to a park or the beach. Winter is torture for his adventurous side! 

He is a great big brother...when he wants to be and when it serves him well. 

He's gotten better with his eating. He will try new foods without putting up too much fuss, but he rarely likes anything new. 

He went from a 2nd grader to a 3rd grader....that's a tough jump...3rd grade is hardcore! 

He's grown like a weed! He's up to my armpits and super proud of it! 

He loves sweets....who doesn't though! 

He is constantly running around with the least amount of clothes on and then finds a big blanket to wrap himself up in. 

He LOVES the water...he would be a fish if he could be! 

He buys things with his own money...expensive things just so he can get one piece from the set. In this case it was the tiny little dynamite piece. 

He is super proud of himself when he does he should be. 

He gets so tan in the summertime...cute sunkissed boy! 

He is a little Michael and he loves his Daddy so much...especially when Daddy shows him a new computer game. 

He loves structure and thrives with it. If we don't have plans and there is too much downtime he doesn't really like it....unless he can have unlimited electronic time and then he's fine with it! 

He loves to push his body to see what he can do. How high he can jump, how fast he can run and so on! 

He still gets embarrassed easily in some situations, but I'm still amazed at how loving he is with me when I'm at school. Hugs and kisses all the time. I'm soaking it up! 

He is really good with electronics....just like his Daddy. He loves strategy games! 

This year he has gotten better with helping around the house and not whining about it. 

He loves one on one time and would really have made a great only child! Sometimes I'm sure he wishes he was one! 

Owen loves any and all holidays...especially the ones that he gets candy on! 

He loves fire! He's always asking Michael to make a fire in the fire pit! 

He wants to like crafts, but then at the same time they are just not something he's too into. 

He loves to show up that he is growing up and doesn't necessarily need us to be there with him during certain times. 

Even though they fight a lot...Owen and Jack are really close! 

Oh my sweet love bug! I am just amazed we are here....9 years! Good grief! You are amazing in every way. You are a gift, a treasure and God thought enough of me and your Daddy that He chose us to be your parents. We are so honored Owen! I don't think you will truly understand the love that we have for you until you are a Daddy of your own. I know that I didn't fully understand Ga-Ga & Pa's love for me until you came along. A love that is almost indescribable. A love that you feel like your heart might burst! As you get older that loves just grows and grows. It also changes and that's good. You aren't my baby even though I still say you are. You are most definitely my big boy! You are going to change and grow so much in these next few's a bit scary really! I'm not sure I'm ready for all that BIG kid stuff yet. My hope though is that through all life's changes you and I will be always be close. I can never say it enough and I know you can never hear it enough....I love you Owen! 

Happy Birthday Buddy!