Thursday, January 28, 2016

LEGO Club Finale!

For three weeks in December and 3 weeks in January the boys got to attend LEGO club after school on Thursdays. Each week they were challenged to do something different. Sometimes working as a team and sometimes working individually. They did a free build, they worked together to build infrastructure, they learned about buoyancy by building a boat and seeing if it could float, they worked as a team building animals from a - z and one other thing that escapes me at the moment. 

The last day of LEGO club was a challenge to build the tallest tower. Whoever build the tallest tower that could stand on it's own without anyone holding it would win a small LEGO set. 

At first the kids started out on the tables but they get pretty wobbly with people bumping into them and then a few of the kids towers got too tall and had to be moved to the floor. Owen really loved this challenge and even though his tower collapsed a couple times he didn't get frustrated he just built it back up again. 

Jackson didn't have as much luck with making a very high tower, but he still enjoyed himself.

The kid that ended up winning somehow made a tower that was actually taller than me! I was sure it was going to come crashing down at any moment, but it didn't. The funny thing is that the two kids that were neck and neck at the end were actually twin brothers! 

LEGO club was so much fun and the kids and I are looking forward to Mr. Heintz having it again next year!