Monday, January 11, 2016

Kids Say The Darndest Things - 2013

Here are the things I wrote for 2013.

February 2013 

- One night Jack said, "Mom when you die I'm gonna live in this house!" Then Ella in a sad voice said, "I would be sad....ahhh. I would have to buy a new mommy!" 

- Ever since Jack watched Ninjago he started making this hissing noise and saying, "Look into my eyes!" 

- Owen was growling at Ella and Jack in the garage so Jack went and got his foam sward to attack him. As Jack was running out to the garage I heard him say, "Get out of here in the name of the Lord!" 

- I told Ella how she got her yummies from me when she was in my tummy and I pointed to her belly button. Then she when onto say she ate her yummies all done and she made motions like her belly button was eating! 

March 2013

- On Easter Sunday Jack was telling everyone the Easter story with his resurrection eggs he made at MOPS. When he got to the egg with the sponge filled with vinegar they gave Jesus he said, "They gave Jesus sass juice to drink!" 

May 2013

- When Jack and Owen were playing wrestle on our bed Jack was pretending to die and he said, "Come here Zeke I need your power of cuteness!" 

- While pushing Ella and Zeke on the swing set I was pushing Ella and I counted, "1...2...3" Then I went to push Zeke and I just kept counting, "4...5". That's when Zeke lifted his hand to give me a high five! 

- On Mother's Day Owen asked if we could have a fire outside later in the day. Michael replied, "Maybe so we'll see!" Owen responded, "so that's no!" 

- When the kids first started swim lessons we would reward the child who paid attention the best. The reward might be a frostie or cotton candy. In April we started taking the Financial Peace Class at church. We told the kids that we weren't going to do rewards that cost money since we were on a budget. So then Owen asked what he was going to get that day for paying attention the best. We gave him a "round of applause". He wasn't happy about that so we decided to give him two thumbs up. To which he said, "Two thumbs down for mommy & daddy!" 

- One morning Ella asked, "Logan come here? She's my friend...I treat her nice!" 

July 2013

- One summer night Owen was in the kitchen with me. He looked outside and said, "The shade is upon us!" aka...the sun is going down. Then he said, "If we were a chicken house it would still be sunny." I asked, "Why is that?" "Because our house would be lower and we would be chickens...talking chickens!" To which I said, "Owen you're awesome!" He said, "Yep that's the truth!" 

September 2013

- One day after a particularly rainy day Owen said, "Mom! It was raining dogs & cats today!" 

- Zeke has gotten more vocal he says, Mama, Dada, Lala for Ella, Ga-Ga, Mo for more. He can also sign more, milk & all done.