Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Trip Down Memory Lane!

The kids especially the older boys have been really wanting to hear stories about Michael and I from when we were little. They just love it. Everyday I hear...tell us another story. It's been fun since I'm telling them how I was and what happened when I was their age, but it's also been challenging trying to remember. Of course I remember big events, but some memories have just faded....I think my Mind Workers have vacuumed them since they've turned gray. If you haven't seen Inside Out that won't make any sense. Go see Inside Out and bring tissues! Cutest movie ever! 

Today in the van waiting for the bus I told them about the time I really really wanted this Playdoh Snack Shack for Christmas. I mean so bad! That year under the tree was a box with my name on it and it was the perfect size for the snack shack. I was sure I got it! Christmas morning came and I tore into that thing and was so surprised when I saw.....a box with a blue electric blanket! Da Da Duh! I was so sad, but I remember trying to keep it together and not show that I was super disappointed....not sure I played that part convincingly or not! 

I do remember telling my mom I was cold at night and so I'm sure that's why she got me the electric blanket and in all honesty I LOVED that thing. I used it until it's dying day so in actuality it was a great gift! 

All through the next year I was still longing for this Snack Shack. I don't even know if I asked for it that next year or if I had just given up and didn't want to be disappointed, but the next Christmas...I think it was 1989, I opened one of my presents and lo and behold I got the Snack Shack! I remember being so overjoyed! I made everyone hamburgers, hot dogs, french fries and ice cream sundaes. I played with that thing so much! I still remember it as one of my favorite childhood toys. 

Anyways when I was telling the kids about it I was trying to explain what it looked like and what it did, but I wasn't able to do it justice. I thought I'll just bring up a picture online so I can show them. 

Ta Da!!!

1988 Tyco super dough snack shop:

Come to find out it wasn't actually Playdoh afterall. I guess your brain remembers what it wants to right! To my surprise someone was selling it on Ebay for only $14.99 and it was a Buy It Now thing so no bidding. That's the main reason I do use Ebay...I hate bidding for things and then not getting them. I know that's the thrill that some people like, but for me that's the kind of thing that just makes you pay more money for stuff since you feel like you can't lose it. I'm way to stingy with my money now! Anyways I read over the details and it is missing one of the sundae cups, one of the banana split cups and the hot dog mold, but other than that it's great. 

I decided it was too good a deal to pass up. Shipping ended up costing more than the Snack Shack, but for $31.51 I think that's totally worth taking a trip down memory lane with my kids. How fun that they will get to have memories of their own playing with one of my favorite toys. I love the internet!