Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Force Awakens!

We LOVE movies! 

In 2015 we introduced the kids to lots of different movies....all 3 Back to the Future movies, all 4 Jurassic Park movies, the 3 Hobbit movies, the 3 Lord Of The Rings movies and lots and lots of Marvel movies. We are definitely movie lovers in this house. The best part is my kids really enjoy them and they don't get scared! There are scary parts and we are mindful of that...especially in Lord of the Rings so we tell the kids to close their eyes or we just skip to the next chapter and explain what happened. 

We have always been very honest with them about the fact that this is something that someone imagined in their head and made it into a movie. We talk about how make up artist and computers can make normal people look really creepy or different. IMDB is something we go to a lot so we can show the kids what the actors really look like. They also love knowing what the person looks like that is voicing a cartoon characters. Jack has even started recognizing voices from characters in shows he's seen before. For example when we watched Lord of the Rings he recognized that Lord Saurman voice was the same as Count Dooku's even though the actor portraying both of those characters looked very different.   

Before we went to Disneyland in September 2014 we made sure to let the kids know that the characters were really people in a costume. I'm really leery of people in costumes and meeting the characters is actually my least favorite part of Disneyland! I was definitely going to take them to meet characters if they wanted to, but none of them were very interested at all. They just want to go on rides! 

The kids have seen all 6 of the Star Wars movies as well...not in 2015....we introduced those to the kids a while ago....the 3rd episode was the one we waited the longest to let the kids watch since that's when Anikin goes to The Dark Side and it's a bit scary. So when Star Wars came out Michael and I went and saw it for our date day on December 21st to make sure it was okay for the kids to see first. Then on New Years Day we took the kids to see it. It was fun being in the theater watching it with my kids since it's the first new Star Wars to come out since any of them have been born. 

We got to the movie theater early since we wanted to get good seats. I took Ella and Zeke into the theater while Michael and the bigger boys got popcorn and soda. We got the seats that are right in front when you walk in. We had to wait a good 45 minutes before the movie started and then there were no joke 7 previews! These kids did great considering! 

I figured out my flash doesn't work when taking a picture while looking at my screen. 

Cute little Seahawks girl...she remembered it was Blue Friday all by herself! 

That flash is so bright!  See the guys sitting on the right of Jack. He was an older gentleman and I wasn't sure how he felt about a bunch of kids sitting next to him. He didn't say anything, but I could almost read his face and it was saying, "Oh great noisy kids are going to ruin the movie for me!". Him and his wife didn't move and as far as I'm concerned the kids did great. Zeke moved around a lot going back and forth from Michael and I, but nothing crazy. 

Owen and that hood....he will wear a hood all day everyday if we let him! The movie was AWESOME and the kids loved it. Jack got scared with of the characters dies...not gonna say the name since some people might not have seen it yet. We were at the theater a total of 3.5 hours and it only took 2 bags of popcorn, 3 sodas and 3 bathroom breaks to make it through...not bad really! The best meltdowns!