Saturday, January 9, 2016

Goals For 2016!

On New Years Eve Michael and I sat down and went over our goals for 2015 and then made new goals for 2016. I truly love doing this! It gives me a snapshot of what we hope to accomplish. Sometimes we accomplish more sometimes less, but at least we are working toward our goals and holding ourselves accountable. Without further ado....

2016 Goals

Home Goals: 

Replace deck surface and stain
Touch up paint throughout the inside of the house
Fix master bathroom ceiling
Put Moss Out on the roof
Jack up the front awning
Replace kitchen lights

Yard Goals: 

Buy and plant more bulbs
Edge playarea and buy pea gravel
Get giant tree rounds removed

Money Goals: 

Save at least 1/4 of the money we will need to go on our trip to Hawaii in 2019
Save at least 1/3 of the money needed to replace our driveway
Boost up appliance savings account

Purchase Goals: 

Gun / Permit / Classes / Safe / Ammo
PC or a Laptop
Snow Gear for the family

Family Adventures:

Ape Caves
Sledding or Tubing
Tag Zone or Lazor Tag
Rattlesnake Ridge
Family Fun Center
Water park in Ritzville
Take Ella out for tea

Personal Goals:

Lyndsay - Run a 5K or longer and build a farm table and benches 

Michael - Get his CDL and don't gain a notch on his belt! :) 

If you've read our goals for past years you'll notice that we added a few more areas. The main one I wanted to add was the Family Adventures. We are constantly throughout the year saying things like...."It's be fun to do this with the kids and go there and etc!" but since we do live without credit cards that can make doing those things hard unless we plan ahead. So we are doing just that! Heaven knows it's expensive do things with just 2 kids let alone 4! We really want to make sure we are having fun with our kids and making memories. 

Here's to a prosperous and happy new year!