Saturday, January 16, 2016

Kids Say the Darndest Things - 2012

January 2012 

- Ella has started saying, "La you" 

- One Saturday afternoon we went to the Business Costco. We were going down the aisle with all the office chairs and Owen asked to sit on all of them. We told him yes and that he needed to hurry since we were going to keep walking. So he quickly ran over to the first chair and touched his bum cheeks to it and then moved on down the line touching his cheeks briefly on every chair. 

- We were watching TV when that commercial for E-Trade came on with the baby and Ella saw it. It was the one where the baby is in his crib with his smartphone. Ella went and grabbed her phone and climbed into her baby pack and play! 

- On January 5th we had our big ultrasound to see Baby Z...everything looked great!

- One morning at breakfast Ella spilled her milk all over herself and the floor. While I was cleaning it up Owen said, "It's always something!" Later on while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse I heard Donald use that very same phrase when something bad happened!

- One night Ella hit her head and started crying. As I was holding her Owen came up and laid his hands on her and said, "Dear Jesus I thank you for Ella Grace and pray you heal her owie in your precious name Amen!" 

- During a big snow storm Ga-Ga & Pa lost power so they stayed with us for one night. After they left the next I noticed Pa had left his Glucosamine in our frig. Jack's response was, "Pity Sakes!" 

- Jack thinks Baby Z is a much so he's been telling Ga-Ga that she's wrong to think it's a boy!

- One morning during breakfast Owen left the table because he needed to go potty. When he came back he said, "Mommy there was so much pee in my penis it was was humongous!"

- While sitting on the couch Owen went around the room saying that everyone was "cool". Then he changed his observation and started saying that, "you are outta sight!" 

March 2012

- On the night of March 21st Jack came running into our bedroom and told me that he loves God and asked Him into his heart!

April 2012 

- On April 21st we attended my cousin Taylor's wedding. While there Jack needed to go potty so I took him. The toilet was a bit high so I wanted to help hold him up. I said, "Jack this is a super tall toilet." To which he replied, "But I have a super tall penis!"

- Also during the wedding when the flower girl was going down the aisle dropping flowers Ella said, "Ah oh!"

- One Sunday in April Jack was talking about Sampson (Ga-Ga had read him the story from the Children's Bible) and he was asking why Sampson killed a lion. I told him that God made Sampson really strong and with his strength he killed a lion with his bare hands. Jack's next question was, "Why did Sampson have bear hands?"

- Later that same morning Owen and Jack were rough housing on our bed when Michael saw Jack pinning Owen to the bed while saying, "God give me strength!"  

- On our last day of homschool Ella found one of the play "hellos" aka phones and sat up on Kim's couch with it. She also had a play calculator on her lap like a computer. She started talking on the phone so I asked her who she was talking to. She said Pa then she proceeded to tell Pa everything that she saw or was doing. "I sit, a mama, a put aka computer, a vac (Josiah was vacuuming). Then she pulled up her pant leg where she had a scrape ansd put the phone up to her scrape and said, "a owie" and "showed" Pa her owie! 

May 2012 

- Jack is now sure that Baby Z is a boy...mainly because he wants to pass his clothes onto someone. 

- While in the van one day, Jack was talking about something we didn't need to worry about. I told him, "we'd cross that bridge when we got there." His response was, "We're not going over a bridge!" 

- One day Jack asked me to help get Buzz's wings to stay up since they kept falling down. I decided to try a pipe cleaner and wrap it around his wings & head. I told Jack that, "We needed to think outside the box." Jack said, "Yeah...the box he came in!" 

- May 22nd Baby Z is born...welcome Zeke Russell Martin to our family! 

December 2012

- For my mom's 60th Birthday we had a party at their house. We decided to sleepover even though we hadn't planned on it. I said, "Oh, I'm not gonna have my pills!" To which Jack replied, "You're gonna have more babies!" He knows that because when I take my pills at table he wants to know what each pill is for. So he knows that I take birth control pills so we won't have anymore babies. 

- On Saturday December 22nd Ella started potty training. 

- Ella's favorite thing to say right now is, "I do it all by myself!"