Friday, February 5, 2016

New Rocket!

Right before we tested out the new bikes Owen wanted to try out the new rocket that Jack and Ella got him for his birthday. 

We decided to take it out into the street just in case the rocket shot up high enough to land on the roof.; 

Thankfully this rocket is a bit more heavy duty so even if there is a little wind it doesn't really get push far. 

This design was much better than the first rocket we got Owen a few years ago. 

The stand is much more stable as is the rocket itself. 

I love this action shot of Jack! 

Everyone except Zeke got to try it out. Zeke is so anti-everything really! He does not like to participate in most anything! 

Daddy was the one that finally got it to shoot up as high as the box claimed it could go! 

Towards the end Owen was able to get it to shoot pretty high as well! 

Jack tried all kinds of different ways to stomp on it, but most of the time it didn't work very well since he'd only land on the side! Cute kid!!! 

My favorite thing about it is they can do it without my help! They can set it up and they can operate it no problem! Hip Hip Hooray!