Monday, January 22, 2018

Christmas Day!

Once we got to Ga-Ga & Pa's we waited a bit for Papa Martin to come and then it was time to open more presents. 

Zeke man got a hug container full of dinosaurs, trees, volcanos, cavemen and bridges. It even came with a playmate to make prehistoric scenes on. 

Ella's big gift was her Calico Critter house. 

Jack's big gift was his Jungle LEGO set. 

Owen got a cool Nerf dart gun! 

Zeke got a couple Pokemon Lego sets.

Ella got even more Calico Critters...she got the Sandy Cat family, a living room set, a baby bedroom set and a bathroom set. 

Owen big gift was his Angry Birds Castle LEGO set. 

Zeke got another Switch & Go Dino to add to his set. 

Jack was so happy to finally get a Pikachu plushie! 

Owen got the 2 movies he loves...Maze Runner and The Scorch Trails. 

Zeke had been wanting a Pokemon sandwich container and water bottle for a long time. All the other kids got water bottle as well. They also all got electric toothbrushes which have been the best thing ever!!! 

Michael got a $100 Amazon did all of us older kids! He also got this HUGE Reese's peanut butter cup! 

From Ryan & Steph Michael got a STEAM card to purchase more computer games. I got a beautiful scarf and a homemade coaster made out of Scrabble tiles with the kids names on it. 

We got Stephie This is Us season 1. We got Uncle Ry some mini-figures he wanted. 

We got everyone the traditional calendar...We got Papa Martin a gift card to Regal. We got Pa a gift card to Black Angus and Ga-Ga 3 cute bendable snowmen.  

Later on when Bill & Christina got there we exchanged gifts with them as well. They got Ryan and Steph these fun aprons since they entertain so much. They got us a couple family games and we got them Ticket to Ride: First Journey. 

As for my sickness....I wasn't sure if I even wanted to come to Christmas, but mom said that I couldn't miss Christmas. Thankfully I wasn't throwing up. I did sit with everyone at the table, but I only ate one small bite of a potato. After a while I couldn't take all the smells at the table so I had to go into the family room. Later on when I started to feel better I did eat about 15 black olives. The salt tasted really good. Of course later on Jack said his tummy hurt and then he ended up puking. An hour or so later he puked again all over the floor right outside the bathroom since it was occupied at the time. I felt so bad exposing Kuch clan to our germs. They were so amazing about it and thankfully Caleb was the only one that came down with anything and I don't think it was even that bad. Owen did say his tummy was hurting so when we drove home on Christmas night the boys both were holding huge bowls in case they puked in the van. Thankfully that didn't happen...I might have lost it then myself! By the next morning Jack was fine, the next day Owen threw up and then was fine the next day. It took me a few days to feel right. Michael and Zeke were the only ones to avoid getting sick at all. Germs don't care if it's a holiday or not!!!