Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Pulling Teeth!

On Wednesday, December 13th Owen had 2 of his baby teeth pulled. 

They were his canine teeth. The reason we were having them pulled was because this adult canine teeth were trying to come in, but at an angle so they were pushing on the roots of his adult teeth right in front of them and those teeth were flaring out. 

You can see how the two on either side of his two front teeth are pushed out away from his front teeth. The one on the right is worse than the left one. Owen doesn't like how his lip gets caught up on it. The dentist feels like now that those baby canines are out of the way the adult canines will take the path of less resistance and stop pushing on the roots of the teeth in front of them. I'm not sure if those teeth that have flared out already will move, but at least they won't get any worse. If we do need to somehow try to correct those I think we'll wait until all his teeth are in since for the most part his teeth are quite straight. 

Of course he got to put his two teeth into a glass of water for a week so they could grow money. The first night they didn't grow any money, but I explained that since they were forcibly taken out they were traumatized and traumatized teeth don't grow money until the second day of being in water. ;)

Sorting through his harvest! 

Happy toothless boy! $10.88...for two teeth is a great harvest for sure!!! 

Here are the baby teeth. Owen keeps his baby teeth in a tiny glass jelly bean jar that Michael's boss Mr. Dick gave him.