Thursday, January 11, 2018

Music Performances!

Early in December each of the kids had a musical performance. On December 7th, Ella and Zeke sang with their grade. 

Ella is in the bluish/green shirt right in the middle. It's so fun seeing her be more confident in herself and just her ability to remember things better. She loves to learn through music. 

Zeke is right in the front in the white shirt with black long sleeves. I was amazed by him! He's so shy normally, but he got right up there. He might not do all the actions at the correct time, but he has fun! 

A few days later on the 12th Owen and Jack were involved in a Recorder Jamboree. 

This was so much fun! The music teacher at school has a book with all the different levels of songs for a recorder. They are known as belts. He had all the kids play along with the different belts starting at the easiest and going to the more difficult. 

The kids would play the belt two times and then he'd move on. Once a kid got to a belt they hadn't passed yet they had to sit down. 

There are I believe 19 belts. Jackson knows a few and Owen knows I think 7 or 8. There was only one kid that knew all the way to Black Belt 3 or something like that. He was incredible. I never knew that recorders could actually sound quite beautiful! 

Mr. Watters also got the parents involved so we learned how to play Mary had a little lamb. I already pretty much knew how to play it...I always mess up at the end, but it was fun practicing.