Thursday, January 25, 2018

Happy New Years!

For New Year's Eve we headed back down to Ga-Ga & Pa's to spend the day and night with them. We watched the Seahawk's horrible game that ended our season, played Catan and ate tacos for dinner. When people were first arriving Pa was taking pictures of each person making a sour face. He printed them out so they would be ready for judging after the game was over. 

Here is Papa's, mine and Michael's. Papa got second place, I got first place and Michael got third place. It's funny because I never make a sour face...even when I eat lemons, but I guess I do a good job of making one. Michael said it was my eyes that won it for me. 

Bill and Christina's were hilarious! I love that it looks like Bill's trying to kiss her and she's not having it! 

The kids were so cute and funny as well. Caleb won first place...Owen & Addison were the runner ups. 

Pa had cute gifts for all of us so no one was really a loser!!! 

We had planned to celebrate at 9pm when New York would be celebrating New Year's, but they weren't showing the ball drop live on TV...they were showing the recorded version so we could celebrate with them in real time here. Not so awesome when you have kids. We didn't realize this until it was 8:59pm. 

Pa ran into the laundry room and grabbed all the goodies they had gotten. Hat's and noise makers.

Oh how the kids LOVED the noisemakers. 

There were also those party blower that unroll when you blow in them. 

All those cute kids! 

Such a great way to ring in the New Year with friends! 

Cheers to a great 2018!

So fun to be with the Kuch Clan for two holidays back to back! 

Love getting to ring in the New Year with the man of my dreams!