Saturday, January 13, 2018

Looking At Christmas Lights!

On Saturday, December 16th we piled in the van, went through the drive through at Starbucks and then drove to our favorite little neighborhood in Federal Way that we always go to to look at lights. It's the perfect size for us to walk through! 

Again the weather was great! This was my favorite house. It was so pretty with the red and green lights and the big white blobs were actually beautiful snowflakes that twinkled. I loved it! 


This neighborhood always has a food drive, but ever year we forget. This year I was so happy that we remembered!!! 

My 4 bundled babies!!!

This house was beautiful too! It's funny how you can honestly tell how the economy is doing by how many people put up Christmas lights. I remember going through here during Christmas of 2009 and barely anyone had Christmas lights up, but now that the economy has bounced back tons of people decorated. It was the same way in our neighborhood. There are usually only 3 or 4 houses with decorations, but this Christmas was a different story! 

Zeke with this cute penguin! 

Jackson wanted a picture with Santa Claus! 

The animatronic Santa Claus waved! 

I just loved this cool old truck and I had to take a picture for Pa!! 

Oh oh oh or ho ho ho!?!?!

This Santa popped out of the chimney and then went back down again! 

Santa on a boat! 

This house is just gorgeous! I think the people that used to live there moved though. They used to decorate in all white lights....the whole house, all the bushes...everything white. It was gorgeous. Then last year there were no decorations at all and it seemed like no one even lived there. This year the new owners went all out. Absolutely stunning!!! 

Here was the last house....I had to go across the street to take a picture of the whole thing. I just love how lights make everything look magical!