Friday, January 19, 2018

The Last Jedi!

On Saturday, December 23rd I went downstairs wielding the only lightsaber we had. It was one of those super cheap ones, but I thought it would be funny. On Saturdays we allow the kids free electronic time until we wake up....hello sleeping in! The kids were all in the living room and office either playing on the computers or their kindles. Jackson looked at me like I was a total loon. I was doing my best or possibly my worst impersonation of a Jedi master. I then stopped with the lightsaber pointed right at him and I said, "Are you ready?". He looked at me like I had lost it again and said, "For what?".  I said it again and then it dawned on him and he was so excited! He was saying, "YES!" over and over. Zeke on the other hand started crying after I told the other that we were going to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi. He wanted to stay home and watch Owen play on Minecraft. Once he found out that electronic time was over and he wouldn't be able to watch Owen anyway he was cool with it. 

The boys each wore a Star Wars shirt. I wish I had just had Ella wear one of their shirts although I'm sure that would have resulted in a complete meltdown on her part. 

I had bought the tickets at Kent Station back on the 15th. I did not want to have to stand in line on the day of. 

While I went into the theater to save our seats....our favorites the first row right when you walk in where you can put your feet up on the bars...Michael and Owen went to the concession to get us popcorn and soda. 

The kids did great with the spite of the 8 or 9 previews. Some of which were a bit scary. At the end even Owen said, "Those were not appropriate for children!" 

After the movie we went across the street to eat lunch at MOD pizza. Of course the only kiddo that ate was Ella. You know heaven forbid the kids have to pick mushrooms off their pizza. I know there will come a day when they actually enjoy food....hopefully sooner rather than later!