Friday, January 26, 2018

Laser Quest!

For Owen's 11th Birthday we decided to do something fun with just a few friends. I ended up finding a great deal on Groupon. I bought 4 Groupon's for $10 each. Each of those Groupon's were good for two people to play 1 game of Laser Tag at Laser Quest. Owen had 2 friends from school come...Mikah & Jordan. The other 3 kids were Jackson and friends Andrew and Josiah. Micah...Andrew & Josiah's Dad also got to play as did Michael. Michael also got $20 in quarters so the kids could play arcade games. Of course they had a blast and of course Michael forgot to take one picture of them at Laser Quest! 

While the kids were playing Laser Tag Kim (Andrew & Josiah's mom), Michelle (Jordan's mom) and I came back to the house to bake the pizzas. Earlier in the day Kim had emailed me an amazing coupon for Papa Murphy's. It was 50% for 3 family size pizzas I only paid $25! 

Once the kids got home they started eating pizza and then they wanted to watch a movie. 

They watched Captain Underpants and of course loved it! 

Present time!! 

Owen had asked Ms. Kim to get him a Minecraft LEGO set and she did not disappoint! 

Jordan got Owen this cool LEGO Star Wars set and...

a Zoom Boom rocket. It is so cool! You throw it up in the air and it has these caps you put in it and then when it falls back down it makes this loud crack sound from the cap breaking. The higher you throw it the loud the crack. 

 Owen's friend Mikah got him another Star Wars LEGO's the Transport ship from The Last Jedi 

For his birthday party Owen wanted a Funfetti cake. I'm horrible with remembering to buy birthday candles. Poor kid only had 3 candles!!! 

I also forgot about the ice cream until Owen remembered we bought it. Better late than never I guess! 

Owen had a wonderful time celebrating with friends!