Saturday, April 20, 2019

Date Day With Zeke!

The very next day after Jack's date was Michael's turn to take Zeke out. He gave Zeke the option of going to Bullwinkle's or going to see a movie. Zeke chose a movie....he wanted to see How to Train your Dragon 3. They went to the AMC in Federal Way that used to be the cheap theater. It's still cheaper, but not as cheap. 

While Michael was getting popcorn he gave Zeke money to go play on the Arcade Games. 

Cute racer! 

AMC has our favorite popcorn out of any movie theater. They had this deal where you bought this bucket for a little more than a regular large popcorn cost, but then you can bring it with you each time for the whole year and get it refilled for half the price it would normal cost. That bucket is HUGE too! 

Zeke and Daddy had so much fun together on their date and I was so happy that Michael took pictures of their time together!