Friday, April 12, 2019

Spring Is Here!

I really am someone that loves every season and Washington is such a great place to experience each every season. I think for the most part fall is my favorite, but then when the seasons change I think...nope this one is my favorite. Spring is such a nice change of pace. It always feels like it lights a fire under me to get outside and get things done. 

On St. Patrick's day we got busy working after church. The easement was in pretty bad shape due to the construction at the house. The picture below was taken months ago...the trailer was no longer there since the construction guys took it away, but the pile of debris on the left was there. Michael had taken a load with lots of stuff to the dump a few weeks earlier so that helped, but on this day his goal was to get rid of all the bricks. They were the bricks that Michael had taken off the front of our house. We definitely didn't want to take those to the dump because they are so heavy it would have cost a small fortune to get rid of them. 

We leveled our backyard years ago when Michael built a retaining wall. We have quite a bit of property from the retaining wall to the fence. With that being said it isn't really useful and it's mainly just a bunch of bushes. It's right at the end of the easement to the right of the tree on the left in the picture above. We call it our dump and we're always throwing weeds and lawn clippings back there. 

Michael said there was plenty of room to toss the bricks back there. The boys had worked on tossing a few bricks over the wall little by little, but they had barely made a dent. On this day we were on a mission! I got each of the boys a shovel...Owen and Jack had trench shovels which were really perfect since the bricks are so heavy they can't lift a normal shovel size load. For Zeke I found a fireplace shovel. It was the teeniest shovel and it was so cute! I worked on move all of the wood that was in the pile while the boys and Michael shoveled brick after brick. 

That afternoon Owen and Jack were set to participate in a Focus Group in Seattle so we had to leave in the middle of the work, but Michael and Zeke just kept on going. Michael said that Zeke was such hard worker...he was so proud of him! 

Before I got home Michael texted me a picture of Little Red parked down in the easement! This had been our goal for a long time. We'd had the car parked on the street for's nice to have it down here since it's not driven very often. 

Once the boys and I got home I thought it would be fun to have a fire outside! 

My cute baby boy! Can't believe he's almost 7 years old! 

Of course Jackson had to have Little Smokies to go with our fire. They were frozen so I had to thaw them out in the microwave so we could roasted them over the fire. 

It made for some happy kids though so it was worth it! :) 

Side note: I ended up finding these awesome long Coleman roasting sticks at Winco at the end of summer last year. They were 75% off so I paid less than $2 per stick. 

Yummy her tummy! 

I was about to type that this was the first of many fires to come, but then I remembered we had a fire back when it snowed so that wouldn't be true. But there would be something fun to come in regards to our fire pit!