Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Spring Break - Great Wolf Lodge - Day 4

Our last day at GWL and we were all TIRED!!!

Even the kids slept in so we just had Pop Tarts for breakfast! 

Once we were done with breakfast we packed up and took everything out to the van. 

Friday morning was the special girly time for Ella and I. Michael and the boys headed to main floor so they could do more quests. Michael found a comfy spot in the great room and let the boys run around. 

Ella and I were going to Scoops Kids Spa!!! First we checked in and then we went and got a bowl of ice cream. Ella got Cookies & Cream and I got Chocolate. 

Our treat was to get a Mommy & Me pedicure! Aren't these just the cutest chairs! Everything was ice cream themed. The bath bombs, exfoliating scrub and moisturizer all came in strawberry, vanilla or chocolate scents. We got strawberry bath bombs, strawberry exfoliating scrub and vanilla moisturizer. 

We sat and chatted and ate our ice cream! 

Ella picked a bright pink color and I picked a dark sparkly red color. Bonus was we got to keep our nail polish! 

We also got to keep our tiaras and Ella got to wear this fun pink robe during our experience. 

Me and my girl had the best time! I see lots of Mommy/Daughter pedicures in our future! 

Like I said in a previous post I had messed up with the Groupon...when I went to talk with the spa on Wednesday there weren't even any appointments available. They did put us on their cancelation list and later that day they called and said they could get us in on Friday morning at 9:40am. At first I was wanting us to go on Thursday at the same time as the boys when to their fun experience with Daddy, but in all honesty this was perfect since it's not good to get your nails painted and then go in the water! I was so appreciate of how the spa accommodated us and went above and beyond. They even ended up honoring the Groupon price!!! Amazing really! 

Once us girls were done it was time to go. We had access to the water park, but after that many days we were exhausted and just ready to be home. We weren't sure if the water heater had been installed yet, but we knew that that was the goal the workers had. 

We left GWL, drove to Ga-Ga & Pa's house to get Michael's car and picked up the few things we left there and then we headed out. Michael actually drove the van so he could get a head start on unpacking; while Owen and I went in Michael's red car and we stopped at MCD's and brought it home for lunch. 

When I pulled up to the house the plumber was just getting ready to reinstall the water heater. PTL!!! It was perfect timing! About an hour later he came in and said he was finished and that we would have hot water in about 45 minutes. Yay for getting to do the dishes and laundry....there was lot!