Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Spring Break - Great Wolf Lodge - Day 3

On the 3rd day I was super tired so Michael let me sleep in and he took the kids to Burger Claim for breakfast. By the time they were on their way back to the room I was getting ready. Michael had already claimed chairs for us, but he wasn't able to get seats in front of the wave pool. He did get really nice central seats by the big play area. 

This was my view right in front of me. 

This was the view on the left. 

All I had to do was stand up and turn around to see the wave pool. 

We stayed and swam until around noon and then Michael took the boys to go have a fun adventure with them. I had purchased a Groupon for Michael and the boys and one for me & Ella, but unfortunately I was one of those people that didn't look at the fine print. If I had looked I would have noticed that the dates we were staying were actually blackout dates for the Groupons. Thankfully I was able to trade them in and use my money on purchasing different Groupons. I ended up buying an hour worth of jump time at a trampoline place for the kids and then I bought myself a mani/pedi in Des Moines. 

I didn't want the kids to be disappointed....we had been hyping it up so they knew they were going to get to do something fun and special. We figured since we weren't paying for the hotel or our food so it would be okay to have some fun. Michael got the boys a pizza from Hungry As A Wolf and then he took them to the arcade and they had a lot of fun. So much fun he didn't take any pictures. 

Even though I messed up with the Groupons I was still able to work it out so Ella and I could have our special time. Except our special time wasn't going to happen until Friday morning so while the boys were at the arcade we went to get lunch. She wanted a piece of pizza and I wanted a Taco Salad. 

Waiting in the water park for my Taco Salad fully clothed.....HOT!!! 

Back in the room eating lunch and watching Moana!! 

Carrying my Taco Salad through the water park and the hotel I got SO many looks. A guy in the elevator even asked where I got it. It's not actually on the menu at Buckets it's just written on this A frame board. It's SO yummy! 

After the boys got back we went back to the water park for a little while, then chilled in the room, went to the buffet for dinner and then called it a night. Another great day!