Monday, April 22, 2019

Spring Break - Great Wolf Lodge - Day 2

For our second day we got up and went to the buffet again for wasn't all that good. We were able to find food we liked, but it just wasn't worth it. While we were there I kept an eye on the time and when it was 15 minutes to the waterpark opening I headed out to get us good seats and then Michael took the kids back to the room to change. 

Amazing seats right in front of the wave pool!!! 

While I waited for the Michael and the kids I just sat there reading my book. I recently read an autobiography about Chip & Joanna Gaines and I really enjoyed it so I went to the library and got another autobiography. I have always been inspired by USA fact I follow Shawn Johnson East and her hubby Andrew East and I just love them!! I figured I would enjoy reading a book about another US Gymnast and I was right. This was a great book...I finished it in 2 days! It's amazing how dedicated these kids are at such a young age and how much work they put into achieving their goal! 

Zeke really enjoyed the kids area with the all the buckets. 

Wait for it!!!! 

Direct hit! 

Waiting again! 

Take a picture Mama! 

Here's a video of Zeke getting dumped on!

This day we ate lunch at Buckets which is the restaurant inside the water park. After that we headed back to the room to rest. For dinner that night we went to the Wood Fire Grill and I got asparagus that was hot! Yummy! 

We have never taken the kids to the story time down in the big great room....usually by that time we are already so tired and I figured my kids would think it was dorky. We didn't hear the whole thing and it was totally dorky, but it was kind of fun at the same time. 

Since it was dorky we decided to be dorky as well! 


I love these goofballs! 

What we were really down there for was the dance party that started right after story time was over. Oh my...this was totally up my alley....I love to dance! Weddings are my favorite because of all the fun dances...YMCA, Chicken Dance, Electric Slide and Macarena...I'm all for it! I think Michael and I were the only parents actually dancing. I figured why not make a fool of myself. 

The kids thought we were freaks and that's okay! 

Right when we got there Ella complained of having a headache. She can not stay up late especially if she's had a busy couple of days. She was just not in the mood!

Zeke loved the Chicken dance and then the Macarena came on and that perked Ella up. She learned how to do that dance from watching Hotel Transylvania 3 and she was all about showing off her skills. Once that dance was over though she was done so we called it a night!