Thursday, April 11, 2019

New Bike!

A week after Ella's birthday party she finally got outside to try out her new bike. The weather had been beautiful before that, but it was also COLD! Ella being the delicate thing she is didn't want to brave the cold. :D 

She was worried that she'd need help getting started since she hadn't ridden in a few months and her new bike is so much bigger than her old bike. She of course just took right off and was totally fine! 

Look at her go! 

When Ella first started riding her bike the most scary part for her was making the turns. Now she's a total pro at it. She still doesn't make sharp turns, but a turn is a turn! 

At first I had raised her seat a bit, but then she wanted it lower back to the original setting. Even with it lower she is still up on her toes. 

While we were outside I decided to see if I could teach Zeke how to ride without training wheels. He wasn't super interested, but I had him get his bike anyway. We worked on it for 10 minutes or so, but really he's just a few inches shy of being able to touch the ground with both feet. He can touch the ground on one side, but then he's starting off being off balanced and it's just harder that way. Hopefully he'll grow a few inches this summer and we'll get another chance to work on it. For right now he's still loving his Y Glider Scooter.