Monday, April 8, 2019


The first weekend of March I was at my church's Women's Ministry Retreat. While I was there we were talking about our pets. I was telling them about Charlie and his cat door. One of the ladies asked me if he'd ever brought a dead animal inside through his door. I told them he's never done that because the cat door is on the back side of the house and he always kills rodents and leaves them on the front porch. 

Well...never say never!!!! 

The day after the retreat Charlie brought a bird inside through his cat door! Thankfully it was already dead, but seriously!!! 

He brought it all the way upstairs and laid down next to it all proud of himself. He actually decided to start playing with it on the stairs and I took a video to text to Michael. 

Once the feathers started coming out and that was the end of that. It was kind of fun seeing him playing since that's not something we get to see him do at all. He's never really been that interested in toys from the store.