Saturday, April 24, 2010

All Dressed Up And Ready To Go!

On Saturday I got Ella all dressed up in an outfit my cousin Rhonda bought her.

If I had to choose I would say this is my favorite outfit so far. Yellow is such a bright happy color.

Can she get any cuter?


Owen was saying, "Mama...Ella is pretty girl!"

It's exhausting being this beautiful!

Picture with Mama...time to go! Go where?

The Secret Garden Tea Room in Sumner. My friend Kim suggested that we take our moms out for high tea to celebrate Mother's Day this year. We all love tea so it was a great idea.

Here's Kim and her mom Caroline. I love how the garden wall we sat on was covered with moss.

It was so much fun taking Ella to tea for her first time. I know she wasn't able to drink it yet, but I can just envision what it's going to be like taking her and her friends here for one of her birthday parties. All these cute little girls in's going to be so much fun!!!

She was only awake for about 10 minutes right when we got there and she was perfect angel.

Ga-Ga and her dolly...that's the nickname Ga-Ga has picked for Ella because she looks like a baby doll. I'm not too keen on that nickname because I think it sounds like a good name for a horse, but the more I hear it the more I'm getting used to it.

Down for the count! Ella fell asleep right when our food started coming...perfect timing!

We first got soup and then some mango sorbet to cleanse our pallet and then they brought the fresh baked scones with raspberry jam, lemon curd and Devinshire cream. Oh they are SO good!

Then came the tiered platter. The bottom plate is all the tea sandwiches. The ones with the cucumbers are my favorite. The middle plate is the warm savories and the fruit. The top plate is the desserts.

It was so nice to get out and have girl time with some of my favorite girls! :)


Unknown said...

Is Ella singing Opera in that 5th picture?