Monday, April 26, 2010

Fun Filled Day With TONS of Pics

Yesterday we decided to get up and go to the early service at our church so we could get out of the house and go on an adventure. We weren't sure what that adventure was at the time we just knew we wanted to get out. Our first stop ended up being this park where Michael used to play baseball at when he was in Little League.

The toys are all new and Michael said that he saw online that this park is even going to have a sprinkler park when it's all finished. YAHOO!

Owen is SO into swinging right now. I bet he would do it all day if we'd stand there and push him the whole time. We are trying to teach him to pump his legs, but he's not really getting it yet.

The pirate ship was super cute and I thought it was fun that they named it after a character in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Owen is challenging himself more each day. He wants to climb up things and jump off things all the time.

Jack is not that much of a daredevil, but he did go down the slide a few times without having to be coaxed.

This is me being goofy at the front of the boat...think Rose and Jack from The Titanic.

After playing on the toys we headed home and made French Toast for lunch. Then Michael did a bunch of research online to try and find some other place for us to go on our next adventure. Nothing really stood out in my mind. I knew I just wanted to you ever get the craving for a road trip? So we decided to throw caution to the wind and head out...gasp...during nap time!!! Thankfully....

Jack passed out in the van not long after we left. Owen doesn't usually take a nap anymore he has quiet time in Ella's room, but he doesn't HAVE to nap. Jack on the other hand still needs one.

Anyways we headed south on I-5 and then hopped on Hwy 16. We didn't really know where we were going we were just driving. Michael figured he'd hook up with Hwy 101 and we'd head down to Olympia and come back home. We were trying to avoid having to pay to come home since you have to pay to come across on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. After driving for a while we wondered when we would connect with Hwy 101. I finally got out the atlas and realized that we don't know our state as well as we should. Hwy 16 doesn't connect to Hwy 101 you have to take Hwy 3 to get to 101 and it would have taken a really LONG time to get home So we just decided to take the ferry from Bremmerton instead. So much for not spending money!

We ended up being an hour early for the ferry so we had time to get out and look around the boardwalk. It was fun for the boys to get out and run around. Jack is still learning to climb stairs. He can do it on all fours, but he's not so good going up holding on to your hand or a railing. It's a learning process!

When we go to the top of the ferry terminal shopping area we found this cool fountain that would shoot the water out and up. It was so fun to watch...I got a video of it and will post that later. After watching the fountain it was time for a treat...

Yummy! This is call The Pie Who Loved Me and it's our favorite ice cream flavor at Cold Stone. It's sweet cream ice cream, Oreos, graham crackers and fudge. Like I said....YUMMY!

Dig in boys!

The look of determination.

The look of frustration.

This is Owen's 'Oh no it's all gone' face.

Jack says, "Nope I found more!"

After ice cream we got to watch our boat come in.

Since we were so early for the ferry we were first in line. It was fun for the boys to watch all the cars come off the ferry. They did get a little impatient while we were waiting to load. We eventually found out why it was taking so long. Someone didn't come back to their car so they had to get this vehicle that they drive on the ferry and push the other car off. While they were pushing it off the guy came running after his car. How embarrassing!

Michael said Owen's been on a ferry ride before, but I don't remember. Maybe it was a Daddy day thing. I'm pretty sure Jack's never been though.

Of course it was Ella's first time, but for all she knew she was still at home.

It was a magnificent day to take a ferry ride.

Once we really started moving and it got windy we came in and the boys got to climb all over the chairs.

Ah Oh!

After Ella woke up to nurse she was all smiles.

Here we are coming into Seattle. It was such a fun spontaneous trip that cost less than $20! Gotta love that!