Saturday, April 17, 2010

Update On Backyard Remodel

With all this nice weather we've been having Michael has been able to get out and work on the retaining wall in the backyard. He just finished putting the last row of blocks up on Wednesday night. Now all he needs to do is put the capstones on and the wall will be completely finished.

We had the wall jet in towards the yard like this because we didn't want to take out the 30+ year old blue spruce. We had the wall stopped short of our property line because that is where the kids swing set is going to go so that area will be framed in and covered with pea gravel...eventually.

We still need to get more dirt....a lot more dirt! We originally ordered 5 yards not knowing how much it would take to level the yard. We are planning on ordering 25 yards of dirt the next time. See the area on the right side of the picture where the two walls meet...that will eventually be framed in with blocks and will be more garden space for me.

Here's the view of the yard from our back deck. It's moving along, but we still have lots more to do...order dirt, re-route drainage for the gutters, move dirt into the yard to level it, frame in garden space and swing set area, seed the yard and build a fence on the south side. Oh my!