Monday, April 26, 2010

Funny Stories

Here are a few funny things the boys have said lately...
About a month ago I was looking through the Costco coupon book and saw that they had chocolate chips on sale. I was so excited that I said, "oh this is great I'm going to buy chocolate chips and make cookies from scratch...they're gonna rock". That's when Owen piped in and said, "Rocks in cookies are no good!"

One of Owen favorite words is giant. He loves to find giant rocks or take a giant bite and so on. Anyways the other day he was in the front yard and he had been pulling vines out from the garden bed thinking they were sticks. A little while later he came running up to the door with a vine in his hands yelling, "I got a giant dick!" Sometimes the words don't come out quite right! :)

A few nights ago I was asking Jack to point to his body parts. I was saying things like, "Where's your nose? Where's your lips?" He would point to them and say the name and he was doing really good. Then when I asked him where his wee wee was he looked at me and said, "It's hidin'!" He was wearing pants so he was right it was hidin'!