Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day With Friends!

The other day my friend Erin needed me to watch her two kids during the afternoon. We started out by popping in Madagascar 2. Cameron and Haley own the movie (we just borrowed it from another friend Lori) so they really weren't interested in watching...besides they had new toys to play with.
Ella was sleeping during this time which was nice since 5 kids is a lot. I made popcorn, but Michael was a bigger hit when he came home with chicken nuggets.

Once the movie ended the kids headed outside to play with bugs.

Cameron is quite a pro when it comes to bugs.

Owen likes them too, but he also likes to purposely make them "poop" which he does by dropping them on the ground and stepping on them.

Jack and Haley had fun climbing up the slide and going down together.

The rest of the day included Jack and Haley taking a nap, Erin and her husband Jeremy coming over for dinner, the boys found a frog in the backyard, Jack ate dirt and the bathtub got a dirt ring around it because the boys were SO dirty! It was a great day!